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Phylum Phasion Show (kiwifruit)

Kiwi(fruit) is what you will learn about!!!

Rachel Flory

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of Phylum Phasion Show (kiwifruit)

Kiwi(fruit) Scientific name: Actinidia Deliciosa Kingdom: Plantae Phylum: Magnoliophyta Appearence: Outside is a dull brown
Fuzzy on the outside Inside is bright green Oval shaped Many seeds on the inside Golden oval on the inside Italy United States Founded in Southern China Also grown in Italy, New
Zealand, U.S.A and many more Grows on vines Produces flowers weighs 4 ounces about 3 inches long 11/2 inches wide Classification: Magnoliophyta means comprising flowering plants that produce seeds enclosed in an ovary Actinidia Deliciosa:
climbing vine native China Kiwi(fruit) another name for this is chinese gooseberry Facts: Produce flowers Grown on vines Best grown in the sun Location harsh gusts or winds can Nutrition half the daily value of vitamin C has as much potassium as a bannana high level of dietary fiber protection of the cells come from flavonoids 240 days without frost to reproduce successfully (fruit) to produce flowers pollunated by One male and 9 females is needed for a kiwi a rapid change in climate could cause vines to split / / / insects Reproduction called the "National Fruit" of the peoples republic of china 400 kinds of kiwi are grown throught china macaque peach and sunny peach are two other names for the kiwi(fruit) its black seeds can be crushed and made into kiwi(fruit) oil Interesting facts New Zealand cause the vines to snap A special thanks to: Mr. Amelotte for arranging this project Google for letting me use their images page A thanks to these sites for letting me use their pictures:
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