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Samia Smith

on 10 February 2014

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Justinian extended the rights for women, children and slaves. During this time a roman male citizen retained full control of any children born to his wife, but Justinian made it so the father could no longer claim bequest. Women could own land , and wealthy women could wield political influence. The women also had the same right as men. Children could choose if they wantedto be married. Slaves could be freed by free man .
The End
What was in the Justinian Code?

The Justinian included Public law, which was law for government, and Private law, which was laws for individuals, and included Natural law, Law of Nations, and Civil Law . You might have heard " a person is innocent until proven guilty ", that comes from the Justinian Code .
Where did the Code take place?
In Ancient Rome is where the Justinian Code took place. During this time people were treated very different depending on their wealth. The wealthy were privileged with townhouses and country villas. The poor did not get a formal education. The city was very large over 1 million people in the population. Also, in Ancient Rome they believed that gods controlled their lives. They had many traditions some like girls were to marry as youg as 14.
What is the Justinian Code?
The Justinian Code , or Corpus juris Civilus was a set of laws named after a Byzantine Emperor, Justinian . He wanted to preserve the laws of Rome . He all the laws written in one place , then turned to a book . Justinian added his own laws to make sure everyone was protected . This was one of his major reforms . It was made of 4 parts The Codex, Digest, Institutes and the Novels .
Who made the Justinian Code?
Emperor Justinian made the Justinian Code . He was born in 482 A.D. in Tauresium. Unlike most emperors he was not born into a royal family. His mother, Vigilatia , was a peasant. He was adopted by his uncle Justin, and moved to Constantinople where he got ensured of better education . He learned to read and write . After the current emperor died his uncle became emperor. He married Theodora in 525 A.D. who was lower than he . In 527 A.D. his uncle died leaving him emperor. Theodora was one of his closest supporters. He was a hardworking emperor who was only surrouded by talented people.
Justinian's Empire
During his ruling time Justinian had ruled in the Byzantine empire. The empire was also known as Eastern Roman Empire. Justinian had a dream of expanding the empire. He had sent out armies lead by his 2 most powerful generals, Belizarius and Narses. They succeeded and gained much land of the Western Roman Empire including Italy and Rome.
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