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My Town: Five Themes of Geography by Ryan

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Ryan Snelling

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of My Town: Five Themes of Geography by Ryan

My Town: Five Themes of Geography.
By: Ryan
Kanatas physical characteristics are that there are lots of water bodies, grass, hills, flat land, many trees, forests and parks. Kanata is part of a Boreal Forest. This means that the leaves in the forests turn to shades of orange and fall off the tree every fall. After a cold winter of leafless trees and snow and ice, the trees grow leaves back for summer. Kanata is located in the Ottawa Valley, south of the Ottawa River. These are all natural enviorment

Kanata’s human characteristics are that it’s multicultural and many different people of different backgrounds live here. The people of Kanata speak English, and French. They speak French, because Canada used to be “New France”, and English because Britain colonized their people here.

Kanata is unique from other cities in Ontario because it is close to the downtown area of the capital and also far enough away to feel like the country. The main important industry of Kanata is high tech computer work. Companies like Alcatel Lucent and Blackberry have made the city grow by attracting workers from all over Canada.

Kanata became a city in 1978. It was then taken over by Ottawa in 2001. Our Mayor is Jim Watson who is a Liberal, and our Member of Parliament is Gordon O'Connor, a Conservative.

Our climate is a humid continental climate with four separate seasons. The temperature ranges from the +30°s Celsius to the -30°s Celsius. The north part of Kanata is touching the Ottawa River, where the Indigenous People have been fishing for centuries. The 4 seasons are summer, fall, winter, and spring. Kanata is different from other cities in the world because it can become much too warm and much too cold for our preferences, over the year.

Kanata has many different cultures from many different backgrounds due to immigration in the modern suburbs. The older communities of farmers have been living in the North area and are mostly of European background. Despite the cold winters, Kanata is definitely still livable, and more people continue to immigrate.
Human Environment/Interaction
The people of Kanata over the years have depended on the environment. For years Kanata has been great for farming. The largest local crop is corn, and there is also cow farming as well. We have adapted to our environment. In the winter it is very snowy and cold in Kanata. We have overcome this obstacle by making clothing, heated vehicles and homes. We have also adapted to the cold by enjoying it through skiing, skating, and other winter activities.

We depend on local resources. There is a local hydro-electric dam in Almonte. There is food grown here. Local farmers buy corn and hay to feed cows here.
Kanata is located in Canada, in the province of Ontario. It is located in Eastern Ontario near two major rivers: the Ottawa River and the Rideau river. Kanata is a part of the Canadian Shield, which is a rocky, forested part of Canada. It is a generally flat land with local hills nearby across the Ottawa River.

Kanata developed here because it is so close to downtown Ottawa, which is the Capital of Canada. Because it is the capital, the population started to go up as more people got jobs in the area. After a while, not everyone could live in downtown, so they built houses beside Ottawa, and many people drove to Ottawa to work.

Kanata is a good place to live because it has lots of water bodies and flat land which is good for farming. There had always been Indigenous People in this area and people from all over the world began to settle here after North America was discovered.

Kanata's relative location is west of Nepean, north of Goulburn, and east of Carp and Stittsville, all of which are suburbs of Ottawa. Kanata's absolute location is 45,333°N, 75.9000°W
This report is on the town of Kanata, Ontario
Kanata is linked to other communities by the flow of people, ideas and goods. People use cars, trucks, trains, planes and busses to transport themselves and goods. Ideas flow to and from Kanata by email, texting, letters, phones, and all sorts of social media.

We produce corn, livestock, and other farm goods. We manufacture high tech computer software and hardware. We export maple syrup and technology. On March road, we have a globally important high tech industry. We import all other essentials and conveniences. Except for people working in high tech, most people in our town commute to downtown Ottawa to work.
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