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PCC 1000 folded arms

No description

Guy Dickson

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of PCC 1000 folded arms

1000 Folded Arms 2010: "Plymouth doesn't need to change" Accommodation Strategy objectives:
Reduce overheads
More robust ICT
Move out of buildings Unstated objectives:
Show change being done properly
Create a more flexible workforce
Build capacity to support future changes from this Deliverables: to this from this
(desk for everyone, paper everywhere) to this
(7:10 hot-desking, flexible, lean) How would staff react Staff survey 2007: 21% felt change was managed effectively

30% felt had opportunity to contribute views Plymouth had that sinking feeling What did we do differently to before? We had a cunning plan...
stakeholder analysis
communication & engagement plan
measure engagement levels
staff as customers
time and flexibility Workshops
Helping staff to find their voice
Finding their own aims, opportunities, solutions
Patience, bravery
Co-facilitators Involving customers (departments) in delivery

Chameleons and Change Coordinators
Building capacity for now and the future
Staff become most powerful advocates The Results: 1200 staff, 1 year Staff survey 2011:

It was not just about the working environment, staff became more engaged overall:

Engagement increase for departments going through this change: 10%
Engagement increase for departments who had not: 2% Staff survey 2011:

Departments that had been through the accommodation strategy showed a 19% increase in positive responses about the working environment (compared to 6% for those that had not) The project exceeded its original targets:
13 buildings emptied (6 leases ended, 7 sites for sale)
6 buildings refurbished
£1.5 million annual revenue saving
£2.9 million capital receipts
£1.8 million maintenance backlog cleared News of the success has spread:
NHS Plymouth will be co-locating using this template
We will manage their change
Will deliver huge efficiencies and benefits for service users 1000 arms embracing change Staff Survey 2007

21% felt change was managed effectively

31% felt they had the opportunity to contribute their views We're preparing for transformation
And now we're change-ready
Demand is outstripping supply Milestones: 1000 Folded Arms Mark Grimley - Assistant Director of Human Resources
Guy Dickson - Business Change Manager `
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