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Untitled Prezi

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Arwa El-khouly

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Problem Describtion
Key Partnerships
Customer Segments
Cost Structure C$
Nile University (Technical Support)

Problem Describtion
drawing the layout on the board
using the sol to remove the copper
during perforation the board
during welding process the components
Consumption great time and great effort
the Printed circuit board is low efficiency

PCB Maker
PCB Maker
Value Proposition
- Made in Egypt
- The first in Upper Egypt.
- Low cost
- High efficient
- Multifunctional
- Reduce the time
- Reduce the effort
- More safety
- overcome the manual method
- Print the painting in a safe and accurate manner

Key activities
-Hardware fabrication
-Software saolutions
-Mechanical Technology
-UV Technology

Key Resources KR
-Mechanical Engineering
-Electronics Engineering
-Co – Founder
-Distributor & Delegates

Invested Capital 10000LE.
Raw materials [Electronic Devices] 37500LE.
Salaries 2000 LE.
Bills & Rent 1500 LE.
Advertising and Promotion 750 LE.
Possible waste – Emergency costs 1250 LE.

Total cost [53000 LE.]
Revenue Stream
-Within 1 months [Initial Prototype]
-Within 3 months [Final integrated Product]
-Cost per prototype : 3000 LE.
-Cost per product within the inter Products : 1500 LE.
-Selling price : 2000 LE & may change.
-Selling price should be less than competitors.

AbdEl-rahman Mostafa (Team Leader & Marketing Part)
Amr Mohammed AbdEl-rahman (Technical Part)
Arwa Abd-ElNasser Ahmed   (Technical Part)
Mohab Mahmoud (Human Resources)
Team members:
Students of engineering colleges and institutes
Training centers
Ministry of Higher Education
Technicians in workshops
Automatic device to manufacture PCB
1- cut the board electric cutter
2- Draw the lay out by U.V light technology
3- Remove the copper by sol but faster
4- Perforation the board automatic
5- Welding the components automatic
6- Make test to make sure the efficiency
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