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The World of Acids and Bases

i hope you enjoy!!!

Hannah Goodman

on 23 May 2012

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Transcript of The World of Acids and Bases

Our Amazing World of Acids and Bases Acids and Bases are very important and useful things in life that we use almost everyday! There were many scientist that had different definitions of acids and bases. Robert Boyle described an acid as having a very sour taste. It would change litmus paper red, and acids would become less acidic when mixed with bases. Boyle described bases as, very slippery. It changes litmus paper blue, and it becomes less basic when mixed with acids. Svante Arrhenius had the best definitions for an acid and a base. He believed acids are compounds that contained hydrogen and can dissolve in water while releasing ions. He described a base as a substance that can dissolve in water and can release hydroxide ions. Bronsted-Lowry's definition of acids and bases is that acids and bases are related to the concentration of hydrogen ions. Acids increase the concentration of hydrogen ions. Bases decrease the concentration of hydrogen ions. Acidity or basicity can be measured by it's hydrogen ion concentration. The pH Scale The pH scale is used for measuring acidity.
It was invented by Soren Sorensen. Examples Examples of acids are
vinegar, lemon juice, orange
juice, soda, and milk
(slightly acidic) Examples for bases are egg
whites, mouthwash, cough
medicine, baking soda, and cleaners
with ammonia in it. On the pH scale, acids are 0-6 and bases are 8-14. 7 is water and water is always neutral. Bases are also know as Alkaline Testing Acids and Bases To test acids and bases, all you need is cabbage juice indicator which you can get from boiling red cabbages. Fill a couple glasses with a type of acid and a couple glasses with a type of base in it An Acid
pH= 2
Red An Acid
pH= 1
Purple A Base
pH= 12
Dark Blue A Base
pH= 8
Lime green Color Key (usually)
Acids- Warm colors
Bases- Cool colors You can tell if the liquid is an acid or a base by the color of the liquid after you put in the indicator. Based On the pH scale Contribution of Acids and bases Many of the acids and bases I listed are very important to daily life. Egg whites, baking soda and lemon juice are very useful for cooking and ammonia, drano, and mouthwash are very useful for cleaning. The Experiment By: Hannah Goodman
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