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The Story OF Harriet Tubman

No description

Samantha Hellerud

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of The Story OF Harriet Tubman

The Story Of Harriet Tubman
Freedom Train

I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys adventure stories. This book is everywhere and covers a big time period from the 1827 to 1898. Harriet enjoys her trips that she gets to take because she gets to help save her people from slavery.
Class Activity
Please get into groups of 3
If you were a runaway slave in today's world and you had to pack 5 items that you have to carry on your journey, what would you pack, and why?
We will share with the rest of the class when finished
Harriet- main character whose family has always been slaves ever since her great-grandmother was captured
Daddy Ben- Harriet's father
Old Rit- Harriet's mother
Miss Sarah (Mistress) - wife of Master
Master- Harriet's family slave owner
Benjamin- Brother
William Henry- Brother
Mary Ann- Sister
James- Brother
Henry- Brother
Robert- Brother
John- Brother
Jim- a slave who always ran away but was captured
Cudjoe- a slave on Harriet's plantation who told stories
Nelson- Harriet other husband
John Brown- a friend of Harriet's during the war

This story is about Harriet Tubman. She was a slave in Maryland and so was the rest of her family. One day Harriet told herself that she was sick of being a slave and that one day she would be free. Harriet's plan was to buy herself from her Master but her Master had asked $500 dollars for her, she did not have that kind of money. Harriet then decided to runaway she went through the Underground Railroad, which took her to freedom. Once Harriet reached freedom she told herself that she would become her peoples Moses and save them from the Pharaohs or their Master's. Harriet had went through the Underground Railroad 93 times and saved over 300 people on her trips. She had freed all of her family from slavery. Harriet then joined the Union Army and was a nurse. Abraham Lincoln then became President and passed a law to abolish slavery. Slaves were then freed everywhere and Harriet finally got to see her people free.
Bias in The Story of Harriet Tubman Freedom Train
The author of this story Dorothy Sterling is a black woman who did not go through slavery.The bias in this story is anti-slavery. Dorothy does favors the blacks compared to whites. She says that blacks are treated very unfairly, also that blacks don't have the same rights as whites.
The Black Cabins
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