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greek culture project

No description

taylor wren

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of greek culture project

Greek Culture Project Julianna Adams Taylor Wren By The Parthenon
- it was built in 447 B.C. to 432 B.C.
- it was built by Pericles
- it was man-made with marble
- Athena was honored with a 40 ft. statue made of gold and ivory holding a statue of Nike
-the Entublature was a panel f bands that run along the top and sides of the parthenon.
- Freize was a panel of 525 ft in length
- The panathenaic procession was part of a festival held every year to honor Athena Greek Religion - The Greeks practiced Polytheism (Believed More Than One God).
- Every City-State had two things: Acropolis and Agora.
-The Temples are for Gods & Goddess & only prestis can go inside.
- Greeks ,who want to find out their future, went to an oracle! The Reason why the
Greek have Elaborate Funeral Preparation
- They lived life to the fullest. Ancient Greek Olympics
- first games were held in 776 B.C.
- they were held in Olympia
- they were held every four years
- there was a sacred truce declared during the games to protect compotetors from being killed by an enemy. - the winners were celebrated when the herald announced their name and their fathers name, then they were feed at a great feast. Greek Literature!! Epic- A Long Poems that tell the stories of heros
Aesop was a fable writer
Greek showed people in a struggle for their fate.
Two Types of Greek Drama are Comides & Tragides
The Plays took place on the slopes of the Acorpolis
-3 Addition Facts About Greek Drama
-The Subject matter was usually revolved around Myths
-Tragedy revolved around a tragic hero who suffers misfortune.
-Violence usually occurred offstage Greek Art and Architecture The types of Columns that Greeks used were the Doric
Style, the most plain column, Ionic design is famous for for its scrolls, and the Corinthian Style is quite fancy.
-Greek Statues are admired for the realism natural look and detail.
-The Statues were made out of Stones, Marble, limstones, Dirt, Clay , Charcol, and Flower Peltes
-The Greeks used the colors; Red, Yellow and Orange.
-The Greeks painted on Stones Greek Philosophy -Philosopher believe that the human mind could understand everything.
-I think Greek Authorities would have to learn what the human kind can achieve.
-Socrates was a classical Greek Athenian Philosopher and Teacher who believe People should question on their religion. His major achievements becoming philosopher and teacher.
-He taught Plato and made people mad with questioning
their beliefs
-Plato, a greek philosopher teacher, that society should be run by philosophers. He built a school and wrote the book, The Republic. Also He was a student of Socrates. He spent a lot of time running the academy. Aristotle , perhaps the greatest Greek Thinker in that time. He came up with the process of making inferences the idea of using facts to make new fact Greek Drama and Theatre

-Drama is a story told by actors who pretend to be characters in a story
Different types of drama are comides and tragiedes.
- the greeks usually put on performances of people in struggle for their fate.
- they preformed on the slope of the acrolpilos hills and the citizens attended.
- no women were involved.
- Famous writers were: Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euiripides
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