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No description

karim raymond

on 19 July 2012

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Transcript of Body

Body Composition
Why is it important to know
body composition
just your
body weight?

does not provide
a complete physical
fitness picture
Because muscle weighs more than fat
Two people
with the
same body


can have different body compositions

due to the
amount of fat and muscle
mass they each possess
Having a
health and wellness professional
measure your body composition

will enable you to
achieve and maintain

healthy levels
of muscle and fat
How is body composition measured?
current passes through

water easily and has more difficulty passing through
other tissues
This scale analyzes body composition
using bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA)
BIA works by sending a
small electric current
through your body and determining how much resistance the current encounters
Body Fat
Fat is vital to body functions like
Regulating body temperature
Storing Vitamins
Yet, too much fat can damage your health
excess levels
of body fat has shown to reduce the risk of
Body Water
Moisten tissues
like mouth, eyes, nose
Helps prevent constipation
Helps dissolve minerals and other nutrientes
Carries nutrients and oxigen to cells
Lubricates joints
Reduce the burden on kidneys and liver flushing out waste products
Muscle Mass
Weight of muscle in your body
Physique Rating
Bone Mass
chronological age
Metabolic Age
Viseral Fat
The more you have the less your organs can work
Want to know what is your body composition?
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