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Untitled Prezi

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sophie mühlau

on 10 June 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Changes in the logistics market
-"Top 100 in European Transport and Logistics Services"
-29 countries
-measures of the logistics market
->define problems and aspects

The global logistics market
4 big changes in demand
-Globalization of production and commerce
-The translation to a post-industrial society
-Acceleration of the clock speeds of economic activity
-Environmental threats

4 changes in logistics service
-Technological progress
-The (re)discovery of the efficiency
-Outsourcing concentration on core competencies
-New providers, new services and new competition

How business processes
will change
Logistics services
Industrial organisations
-focus on their core competencies
-research and developement
Trade organisations
-focus on legal and formal parts
of the business

Global trend
to stay competitive:
-weights defer to Asia
-new markets
->optimization of the whole supply chain
->specialize on main business

-shorter delivery time
-just in time
-lower costs
76,3 km
Marmaray Tunnel
8 mega trends
absolute volume
-sales volumes
-moved tonnage etc.

big risks:
-dependence from other companies
-no buffer in stock
-need a lot data to forecast
-be very flexible due to the competitive market

Marmaray Tunnel
Barriers: protective arrangements
non tariffs
-technical and legal instructions
-regulations of export
-quotes of import
-standards of quality
-data of origin
tariffs and subsidies
ranking of Top 100
-sales volumes
-jobs provided
-other relevant aspects

current developments and changes
-ecological environment

-transportation ->transport fleet
-global network to distribute goods of all
the companies
->specialize on core competencies
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