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Copy of Year 12 Btec Sport Jessica Dawson Macmillan Academy

speed training

Бажена Порошина

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Year 12 Btec Sport Jessica Dawson Macmillan Academy

Unit 4 Fitness Testing & Training

Speed Training
For Example

What is speed ?
Speed is the ability to move all the parts of the body as quickly as possible.It is a combination of reaction time and movement time.It is possible to work on improving some aspects of speed by increasing strength for example.But some factors are inherited such as the percentage of fast twitch muscle fibers which can give you greater speed.
You can improve your anaerobic fitness, which includes strength, power and muscular endurance, by working in your anaerobic target zone. This is found between 80-100% of your MHR. Anaerobic threshold is the heart rate above which you gain anaerobic fitness. You cross your anaerobic threshold at 80% of your MHR. Below 60% MHR you do not improve your aerobic or anaerobic fitness at all.
Whole body exercise to raise heart rate and body temperature.
Stretching to prepare muscles, ligaments and joints.
Practicing skills and techniques to be used in the session.
1.)so first i will have my client doing a light 5 minute warm up before every main activity to warm up her body and muscles

2. Main activity - this could be:
Fitness training - which may be linked to repeated technique work.
Skill development - drills or team practices.
Modified or Conditioned Games.
i will have my client doing the main activites in part A and B ive set them.
3. Warm down (sometimes called cool down)
Light exercise to help remove carbon dioxide, lactic acid and other waste products.
Gentle stretching to prevent muscle soreness and stiffness later.
cool down i will have my client doing a full body stretch so shes cooling her body down and she doesn't pick up any injury from not cooling her muscles down properly.

When running a session plan for a client you should always have a training session stages.
Stages Of A Training Session
Elite Athlete
for example usain bolt is from Jamaica and he is and elite athlete in sprinting and is the fastest man on the planet hes won many olympic medals and broke the world record for the fastest man.
usain will need good speed when running his events as he requires anaerobic reparation as he runs quick explosive runs that will only last about 10 seconds he will also need good reaction time so he can get a good start so hes already away from his opponents.usain will also need good movement he will need to be in rhythm so he can get a good stride and be away from his opponents,
This is a video from the London olympics of usain winning gold in the 100m sprint.
My Client An Average person

sprint training involves using your anaerobic system which is performed in short,fast bursts where the heart cannot supply enough oxygen to the muscles anaerobic training improves the ability of the muscles to work without enough oxygen when lactic acid is produced

I have created a session plan for my client to improve her speed
This involves fartleck training or speed play
training involves varying your speed and type of terrain over which you run.It improves anaerobic
also another training method i will use for my client
is interval training this is a hard training which involves alternating between periods of hard exercise this will help my client improve her speed.
my client is a sprinter who competes at district level and wants to improve to national level so i have created her a pro gramme which i think can help her make her target of getting into the national team.
Part A
Part B
The Benefits of Interval Training
Interval training adheres to the principle of adaptation. Interval training leads to many physiological changes including an increase in cardiovascular efficiency (the ability to deliver oxygen to the working muscles) as well as increased tolerance to the build-up of lactic acid. These changes result in improved performance, greater speed, and endurance.
Interval training also helps avoid injuries associated with repetitive overuse, common in endurance athletes. Intervals also allow an athlete to increase training intensity without over training or burn-out. Adding intervals to a workout routine is also a great way add cross training to an exercise routine.

Benefits of my session
Uphill Sprints

This is a variation of sprinting, which involves running up a hill. This adds a greater level of difficulty, as you must fight even more gravity to reach the finish line. This activity builds muscle strength, speed and power, in addition to cardiovascular fitness. Find a hill that takes about five to 15 seconds to run up. Sprint up the hill with maximum effort, then jog lightly back down. Repeat this drill 10 times, ensuring that your rest at the bottom of the hill takes no longer than five seconds

For the second part of my session plan im going to have my client doing uphill sprints!!!!!
Technique how to run uphill and downhill.
when running uphill you use all parts of
your body some of the muscles that are
used are your bicep,triceps,deltoids,glutenous maximums
abdominal muscles etc...
so for my client i will have her sprinting up a hill will maximum effort for 15 seconds then have her slow light jog back down i would have her repeat this drill 10 times ensuring rest at the bottom or the hill takes no longer than 1o seconds each week i will increase the time my client sprints up the hill and decrease thee rest time this will push my client improve her resting heart rate.
Example of Interval training
part A of my session i am going to have my client do interval training for 15 minutes doing 30 seconds sprinting then back down to a low jog for 30 seconds.going from a high intensity to a low intensity she will repeat this for 15 minutes.
The next part of my session i will have my client doing general sprint training over 50 meters,she will sprint at the maximal level she can to the line then a light job back.she will have a 15 second rest before repeating this circuit for 10 minutes.every week i will increase the time she does it and decrease the rest time so im pushing her body and making her muscles work a lot harder.
I think the session plan i have designed for my client will improve her overall speed so when she competes in further competition she will be really quick as we have worked on her speed doing various activtiyies.moreover i have also worked on my clients reaction time this is vital in sprinting as getting a good start can win you the race.also my client has done some resistance training when i had her ruining up the hill this will help her when shes at the last 5 meters of the race as her body is use to hard work and her muscles will be contracting faster so she can go on to win the race as her legs wont become as fatigue as we've trained for a good period of time.
2.) i will also work on reaction timing with my client
i will work on sprint starts for 10 minutes each session
so my client is good at pushing off from the line and can burst off as soon as she hears the gun so when shes competing she has good power and reaction time to get past her opponents from the word go.focusing on his movement off the box and his reaction time .
P2produce a training session plan covering cardiovascular training,resistance,training,flexibility training and speed training.
M2produce a deal tailed session plan covering cardiovascular training,resistance training,flexibility training and speed training.
D2 Justify the training session plans covering cardiovascular training,flexibility training,resistance training and speed training.

moreover we have worked on speed so my client should be lot better at sprinting he should also be a lot quicker say the last 20 meters of the race as we have worked on his cardio which will improve his stamina and hes trained his body to 1 minute sprinting so when he does the 1oo meter spring he should have no problem doing it.
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