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Working without a Net: Adapting Government to Social Media

No description

Julia Gregory

on 16 October 2010

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Transcript of Working without a Net: Adapting Government to Social Media

Working without a Net:
Adapting Government to Social Media What orgs/govs fear about social media Greater scrutiny
Network security
Employee abuse
Loss of control of the message Reality:
You don't control the message and you never did. Identify a social media"champion" in your organization TPWD: Lydia Saldana, Director of Communications Identify the Early Adopters Who's using the tools?
Ask around.
They bring enthusiasm and experience. Don't try to reinvent the wheel.

Use your resources.

Take what works for your organization. Digital Natives are not the only ones using social media.

Don't be surprised to find users outside the web team. Reach out to key decision-makers (HR, IT, RMOs, Legal)
Address all their concerns
Expect objections Hold regular meetings

1 hr/week for 2-3 months
1 hr every 2 weeks
1/2 hour every two weeks - now

TPWD process took about a year. Determine Staff Responsibilities 4 x 4 Rule 4 x a day
4 minutes each time
per account Presenting to Upper Management Tie your efforts to your mission. Share examples of success:

The Whitehouse
Manor, TX
TPWD Don't be afraid of criticism.
It's not all bad.
Use feedback to better serve your constituents. Accept that some things may go wrong.
Consider them teachable moments.

Empower staff to be the authentic voice of the organization.
The public loves interacting with real people. Don't be stupid! TPWD Social Media Presence Facebook - 37,751 likers
Twitter - 1437 followers
Flickr - 1395 images
YouTube - 42,885 channel views
501,143 total upload views Next: Looking at Gowalla and Foursquare, Google Maps and apps development for mobile Resources:
Social Media Subcouncil Wiki

Federal Web Managers Council
http://webcontent.gov Assemble a Team Develop an Official Policy Learning Play
Screw up
Teach TPWD SMART Team Composition Media Comm. team Interactive Services - web PIO Inland Fisheries Marketing Social Media and Records Retention "content will be archived and retained for the required period of time in accordance with the DIR Records Retention Schedule." Texas.gov Social Media Policy NARA The National Archiving and Records Administration recently reported it does not believe federal agencies need to store social media records. via www.messagingarchitects.com Who's doing what? Simply applying traditional print/email retention rules to social media may not be appropriate. How and what social media content should be archived?

We need RMOs involved in the discussion. Typical TPWD Facebook Posts: Events promotion
Photos and videos
cute animals
Typcial TPWD Twitter Feed: calendar events
links to press releases
links to photos or FB page But, what if...? @yarnmaven Facebook
Contact me
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