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Joshua Ebarle

on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of PARIS TO BERLIN

In Paris (1885-86)
PARIS TO BERLIN (1885 - 1887)
Rizal went to Paris in order to acquire more knowledge in OPHTHALMOLOGY.
On his way to Paris, Rizal stopped at Maximo Viola's house.
In Barcelona, Rizal befriended Eusebio Corominas, editor of the newspaper La Publicidad.
November 1885 - He temporarily stayed in Paris and worked as an assistant to Dr. Louis de Weckert a leading French ophthalmologist from Nov. 1885 to Feb. 1886.
 Outside of his working hours at Dr. Weckert's clinic, Rizal relaxed by visiting his friends, such as the family of the Pardo de Taveras.
First letter to Blumentritt
Ferdinand Blumentritt (1853-1913)
Director of the Ateneo of Leitmeritz, Austria. Later he became the best friend of Rizal.
  July 31, 1886 
-Rizal wrote his first letter in german to Professor Ferdinand Blumentritt.
-Title of the book published in Spanish and tagalog that rizal gave to Blumentritt.
 In Leipzig and Dresden
- It is the largest City by population in Saxony, Germany.

- A city in Germany that he visited to attend lectures at the University of Leipzig on history and psychology.
There he met and befriended:
Friedrich Ratzel
- famous German historian.

Dr. Hans Mever
- a German anthropologist.
Rizal translated the books of
"Hans Christian Andersen"
Title of the books translated by Rizal to Tagalog:

*Ang punu ng pino/The Pine tree
*Si Gahinlalaki / Thumbelina
*Ang pangit na sisiw ng pato / The Ugly Duckling
*Ang sugu/The Representative
*Ang batang babaing maidalang sakafuego/The little Match Girl
- is the capital city of the Free State of Saxony in Germany

- Met Dr. Adolph B. Meyer, Director of the Anthropological and Ethnological Museum.
Rizal Welcomed in Berlin's Scientific Circles
Dr. Feodor Jagor

Dr. Rudolf Virchow

Dr. Wilhelm Joest

Dr. Karl Ernest Schweigger
Rizal's Life in Berlin
Rizal's REASONS in staying Berlin:
*to gain further knowledge of opthalmology

  *to further his studies of sciences and languages

*to observe the economic and political conditions of the German nation

*to associate with famous German scientist and scholars

*to publish his nover, Noli Me Tangere
Rizal on German Women
Rizal's Darkest Winter
*no money arrived from Calamba

*Eating only one meal a day

*He even washed his clothes

*starved abd shivered with the wintry cold.
Rizal as Musician
In Historic Heidelberg
At Wilhelmsfield
his observations:
In Heidelberg and Wilhelmsfield
Unknown to many, Dr. Jose Rizal celebrated his 25th birthday with a Lutheran minister, Karl Ulmer, and his family on June 19, 1886, in Wilhelmsfeld, an idyllic and quaint suburban district 15 miles from Heidelberg town.
The Germans have a deep attachment and devotion to Rizal, and today he is still revered as one of their own in two places in Germany: Heidelberg and Wilhelmsfeld.
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