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Anganee Shiwprashad

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Guyana Bauxite
By: Anganee
What is Bauxite?
Bauxite is a clay rock that is used to make aluminium and aluminum products.
The two STEEPS that I am
going to explain about are.....
- environmental issues
- social issues


Habitat Destruction because in order
to get the Bauxite you have to remove
the top layer of soil. By doing that all of
the vegetation on top is being removed this process is called strip mining.

Loss of Biodiversity because when you strip mine everything to the top layer of soil is being removed. That means animals food and homes are being removed.
Also soil erosion because when you remove the top layer of soil you have to add water drainage products. If you don't then it will cause a soil erosion.
Floods can be caused because if the Bauxite sand gets the water piped stuck it will cause a flood.
Social Issues
- if mined near people's homes it makes a lot of noise
- if it goes into the lakes, river, or drinking water it can get contaminated
- causes a lot of dust to go everywhere when mined
Bauxite mining is done not always mined in
the rainforest and it is found in only warm
places around the world.
All About Guyana
The natural resources of Guyana are
- bauxite
- gold
- diamonds
- hardwood
- fish and shrimp
Where in guyana are the natural
resources located?
Bauxite: found everywhere in Linden Guyana it is the second largest cite in Guyana (known as Bauxite mining town)

Gold: Mazaruni, Bartica, and Georgetown (the capital) in the bend in streams

Diamonds: Near the Demerara river which seperated Guyana and Brazil

Hardwood: tree in the rainforest everywhere in guyana

Fish and Shrimp: all of the rivers and lakes in Guyana

Bauxite: Bauxite company of Guyana inc. in Georgetown, Guyana
Gold: Guyana Goldfields works everywhere in Guyana
Diamonds: Dream hole mining company inc. (works with gold and diamonds0
Hardwood: Barakat Timbers inc.
Fish and Shrimp: people just catch them and sell them in the markets for money
Companies for the manufacturing
of the Resources
How much of each resource is extracted from the earth each year?
600,000 tons
3,000 kilograms
92,000 karats
Hardwood Timber:
doesn't say how much but you have to cut down trees to manufacture the wood
Fish and Shrimp:
3,800 ton of shrimp and 45,000 all together
Political Parties
1. A Partnership for National Unity
2. People's National Congress
3. Alliance's Change
4. The United force
5. Guyana Action party/rise organize and rebulid guyana (NGO)
The minister of natural resources and the environment in Guyana has made a program called REDD+. The program looks at how much of Guyana's natural resources are being used and wasted. Also how they can save the natural resources in Guyana and used them wisely.

$100 in Canada is $20,000 in Guyana
With $20,000 you can only buy a regular
pair of jeans and a shirt. A house in Guyana
costs $40,000,000 and that is only $20,000
in Canada.
Where is it located?
Guyana is located in South America
in between Venezuela and Surinam
and is next to Brazil.
In Guyana they only
speak English.
This is the National Flag
Was there any Civil Wars?
There was no real civil war against Guyana and
another country. The USA is now trying to take over the property where all of the natural resources are located.
Guyana was once ruled by England. When it was Guyana was named British Guiana but on May 26th, 1966 they got their Independence and they are called Guyana. Every year now Guyanese people always celebrate Guyana Independence Day.
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