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History Federal Governmnet

No description

Chelsea Toburen

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of History Federal Governmnet

Federal Government Excutive Branch Employees Budget Cabinet Departments of 2010 Department of Agriculture Department of Justice Department of Commerce Department of Labor Department of Defense Department of State Department of Education Department of Interior Department of Energy Department of Transportation Department of Human Services Department of Affiars Department of Security Department of Treasury Department of Housing and Urban Development aprox. 2.8 million people Salary= $79,197 Federal Workers Compensation=
$119,982 Department of State Department of War
Department of Treasury
Department of Justice
Department of Postal Service Departments of 1789 Dept. of Agriculture= $23.9 billion Dept. of Corrections= $1.5 billion Dept. of Defense= $533.8 billion Dept. of Education= $77 billion Dept. of Energy= $34 billion Dept. of Health and Human Services= $81.3 billion Dept. of Homeland Security= $42.6 billion Dept. of Housing and Urban Development= $6.5 billion Dept. of Justice= $219 million Dept. of Labor= $50 billion Salary= $2,190
$6 per day Dept. of State= $25 billion Dept. of Interior= $12 billion Dept. of Transportation= $27.5 billion Dept. of Veterans= $95 billion Dept. of Treasury= $95 billion 1789 $639,000 2010 1789
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