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The Jackson Era

Chapter 12

Margie de Quesada

on 1 February 2015

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Transcript of The Jackson Era

Jacksonian Democracy
Conflicts Over Land
Jackson and the Bank
The Jackson Era
Chapter 12
Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Election of 1824
1824 - Four candidates ran
- Jackson received the most votes, but not the majority
1828 - Jackson (Democrat) vs JQ Adams (Republican)

- Jackson wins, Calhoun VP
Jackson as President
- Nicknamed "Old Hickory"
- Self made man, war hero
- started the Spoils System (giving gov. jobs to your supporters)
The Indian Removal Act
- Jackson wanted to move the Native Americans to Oklahoma
- He passes this act where the "Five Civilized Tribes" were paid for their lands in the Southeast and forced to live in Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
The Cherokee Nation
The Seminole Wars
War Against the Bank
- Jackson did not like the National Bank because he believed it was controlled by wealthy businessmen and not ordinary citizens
The Panic of 1837
- Martin Van Buren was easily elected over a new political party called the Whigs
- He decided on a plan to "kill" the Bank
2. He refused to sign a new charter to keep the Bank in business and it closed
1. He ordered all funds withdrawn and placed in smaller state banks
- Many people liked this and he was re-elected in 1832 with new VP Martin Van Buren
- Once he took office a severe depression hit (many bank issues occurred, land values dropped, businesses closed, thousands of jobs were lost, many farmers lost their lands)
- Van Buren tried to fix the problem by creating a Federal Treasury (this was controversial)
The Whigs Take Power
- During the Election of 1840 William Henry Harrison (VP John Tyler) ran against Van Buren
- Harrison won due to his "Log Cabin Campaign"
- He died 32 days after his Inauguration and John Tyler became the first VP to take the Office of President
- Constitution states "majority needed for presidency. If not, the House of Representatives decides".
- Clay makes a deal w Adams
- JQ Adams wins! (Calhoun his VP)
- First time "mudslinging" occurred
- First time slogans, buttons, and rallies were used
Election of 1828
- Expanded voting rights to all white American men
- Seminole Tribe in FL were the only ones to successfully resist removal from their lands.
- They were led by Osceola
- Major Francis Dade was sent to remove the Seminole, yet many died in battle (called the Dade Massacre)
- Three wars occurred, yet the Seminole continued to retreat into the swamps and the U.S. government finally left them alone.
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