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The Basics of Content Marketing

No description

Tyler Collins

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of The Basics of Content Marketing

The Basics of Content Marketing
Help your audience overcome an urgent pain or satisfy an unfulfilled desire.
Content Marketing
You provide some kind of value to your audience in the form of free content that they desire.
Give Value
The foundation of content marketing is to
provide value
for your target audience.
The Value Cycle
: Generating Leads for follow up
: Generate overall interest in your brand
: build a positive public image about your brand
: Develop friends and fans who interact with your brand
Thought Leadership
: influence others and be a leader in your niche
Build Personnel
: attract the future leaders of your organization
we are drawn to the people and organizations that are givers
The Goals of Content Marketing
The Content Funnel
Find Content
Blog, Podcast, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, etc
Engage with Content
Comment, Tweet, Like, Review, Recommend
Engage with Your Brand
volunteer, donate, socialize
Become a part of the team
Become a Raving Fan
sing your praises, buy everything you sell
Increasing Commitment leads to
The relationship with the audience grows stronger at each level of the funnel
The Idea is to create a smooth path for your audience. Think through each step and when to ask for what commitment.
We can track audience behavior along each step of the process.
Ex: This amount of people read this post, then this % clicked the CTA, then this % purchased the item and it led to this amount of money.
We look at this as a number for efficiency sake to reach the most people. But we realize that each of these numbers is a person and leads to greater ministry impact throughout the funnel.
The Right Customer is Always Right
Building an Audience = Building
You offer free
highly valuable
content to start the relationship and continue to help the customer at each step in your funnel
Go where your
already is online
Give them what they are already looking for
them to come to you
WHO is your Target Audience?
When we define our audience in specific terms it leads to
huge motivation
to create valuable content for them; because we really
want to help
Define your
: become the best in the world at your thing and do
try to do
How do you
the trust of your
target audience
Provide transparency
Be open and
about what you are asking: CTA

Not preachy, or pushy, not corporate: But instead use
relational language

Communicate you are
real people
and want real relationships with your audience
Start with WHY?
Have discipline to create content on a consistent basis. This communicates that you are trustworthy and interested in long-term relationships
Listen to your Customers
Directly ask them about:
Solutions to an
urgent pain
: "I need to teach something to my youth group tonight"
Satisfaction of an
unfulfilled desire
: "I want to be a part of missions around the world."
Always start with
you do what you do: Communicate your
What you do is
duplicated by hundreds
or thousands of others however, WHO you are
(personality and flavor)
and WHY you do it
(philosophy and motivation)
cannot be duplicated - these are your "unfair advantage"
People join your brand because of who THEY are and what THEY love.
Show people WHO you are and then let "your people" find you through your content
They provide value to you in the form of money, praise, volunteering, and championing.
purchasing your products or donating to your cause
positive reviews, retweeting, and recommendations to others
Joining your cause and becoming someone who spreads your philosophy and message
Content Channels
Website - Blog Posts
iTunes - Podcasts
YouTube - Video Blog
Amazon - eBooks
Facebook - Fanpage
Twitter - Tweets
Text - Text Club
Email - Email List
Small focused chunks of consumable text, small means focused and easier for your audience to consume
Audio Show: "on the go." Can be listened to in the car on a trip or on a run. Great relationship builder since they hear your voice and are longer (20-35 minutes)
Can be used for interview, testimonies, information presentation, and higher engagement using video as a medium.
There are statistics that say that more eBooks sell than paper books today. People view books as authoritative since they are created by experts and are time consuming to write. They also offer MORE content so they can give a larger or wider view of a topic.
Create a social group of people interacting about your brand and it's actions. Awesome at creating buzz as people invite others and talk about what your brand is currently doing.
Short targeted message. Great for quick inspiration or to point to other helpful content in other forms. Strength is a "live" feed. Great for gathering followers and helps you audience get in touch with you quickly if they have problems.
Text club for special deals, and advance news to your most loyal fans. Also can be used to provide immediate feedback on a "text in line."
A large email list is a must have for every content marketing effort. It is how leads are "tracked" through the funnel. It also allows more personal "Calls to Action"
Weekly or Monthly digital magazines sent via email
Other Forms of Content
Quiet Time
Daily devotions that help you learn about the Word.
Worship Music
Praise and worship bands that can record songs.
Series of lessons on God's Word for Students.
Flikr, Pinterest, and Instagram offer photos.
Evernote Notebook
Deliver other types of content in an easily searchable way. Includes built in references in the form of tags.
Bible Institute
A series of College classes on the truths of God's Word.
Content Channels
We add highly valuable and honest "
Call to Action's
" at each step in the funnel. The goal is to get people to
move from one level
to the next.
Going Where the Customer already is...
The most visited websites on the Internet
1. Google.com
2. Facebook.com
3. Youtube.com
4. Yahoo.com
5. Baidu.com
6. Amazon.com
8. Taobao.com
9. Twitter.com
10. Qq.com
11. Google.co.in
28. Pinterest
29. Google.co.uk
30. Instagram.com
31. Reddit.com
32. Wordpress.com
33. Msn.com
34. Sohu.com
35. Amazon.co.jp
36. Tumblr.com
12. Live.com
13. Sina.com.cn
14. Linkedin.com
27. Ask.com
26. Adcash.com
25. Google.co.jp
24. Bing.com
23. Google.de
22. Vk.com
19. Ebay.com
37. Mail.ru
38. Google.fre
39. Paypal.com
40. Aliexpress.com
41. Aibaba.com
42. Imgur.com
43. Google.ru
44. Apple.com
45. Xvideos.com
Most of the top websites in the World are based completely on
. Content marketing taps into the natural
power of the Internet
: people searching for content.
The Short Head
and the Long Tail

Transactional sales, take your money and run
Accounts for about
20% of sales
Alienates customers because of a focus on sales
There are always more fish in the sea [one night stand]
Traditional Business Model
: Focus on short "big" sales, it leads to bad customer service and pushy sales people
The Short Head
Also called
: Consultative selling - help the customer at all costs
Fact #1
: The Long tail accounts for the majority of the "value impact" of a customer
Fact #2
: Focusing on the long tail helps customers more in the long run
Fact #3
: When you know how much each customer will spend, you know how much you can spend on each customer and still make money (receive more value)
: Seek long-term relationships - seek to invest in customers
Small sales throughout the life of a customer
Different amounts and on different types of products
Accounts for about
of sales
The Long Tail
Examples in Word of Life
Short Head
: A BI Student brings in a lot of value economically.
However, looking at the entire life of a customer shows their
value impact
extends beyond that
The Long Tail
: buy a QT every year, go to camps every summer, go on a student fusion trip, go to the BI, become a Student Ministries Pastor, and influence future students to do the same
The Power of
Digital Content

These forms of content are digital:
Experience Exponential growth
Provides Measurable and instant feedback
WOL Content Examples
Content |
Blog Post
Topic |
Get your Teen in the Word
Audience |
Christian Parents
Call to Action |
Learn about the WOL QT
Content |
Topic |
Youth Min Principles
Audience |
Student Min Pastors
Call to Action |
Learn about Curriculum
Content |
Topic |
One teen’s impact overseas
Audience |

Call to Action |

Students wanting to make a difference
Learn more about Student Fusion
Content |
Topic |
Modern Missions
Audience |
Call to Action |
Learn about WOL Missions
Content |
Topic |
Shortened BI Class
Audience |

Call to Action |

Christians studying God's Word
Learn more about all of the classes at the BI
Content |
Topic |
Vlog about Camp Each Day
Audience |

Call to Action |

Students seek a Summer Experience
Learn more about WOL Camps
Content |
Blog Post
Topic |
Family Vacations
Audience |

Call to Action |

Parents seeking wholesome family vacation
Learn about the WOL Family Campground
Content |
Resource - Sample Lesson
Topic |
Teach this at Youth Group Tonight
Audience |

Call to Action |

Student Min Leaders searching for lessons topics
WOL has lessons like this every week
Can be seen by
millions or just 5
with no change in the amount of work
nothing to reproduce
, cost little for upkeep, last forever
People can consume your content
added work on your part
People can make decisions about you and your brand literally while you and your team
or go on
Exponential Growth
Every piece of content stacks on each other and creates
interconnected links
to all of the others of your brand
Like a spider
, each piece makes it easier to catch your target audience
your web grows at an
exponential rate
as each new piece of content connects to ALL of the others
Measurable Feedback
Hope for action and hope for customers
You can create
split tests
to test things immediately.
vote with their dollars
, their time, their likes, their reviews, and their tweets. Digital content
provides this feedback continually
. They also vote by their absence.
Digital means we can
go deeper
tracking the audience behavior at each step to find out what they are really looking for
What Makes Great Content?
Choose a
single idea
and explain it from many angles.
The most popular articles are
1500 words
and up. Think DEEP.
of your main point. Help the audience
find their solution
in your content.
People "read" with
their eyes
quickly before deciding to read with

Use headlines, bullet lists, quotes, and "
Have different
for Twitter, Facebook, and even an eBook.
Be an
. Speak from what you
already know
An expert
: Someone ahead of where I am at.
catchy titles
: Think of it like an mail headline.
great SEO
(Search Engine Optimization) - so people can find you.
Create great
featured images
for each post.
One idea with different situations
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