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ADOBE Premiere Pro

No description

Ben Drain

on 10 March 2016

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Transcript of ADOBE Premiere Pro

ADOBE Premiere Pro
Importing an audio file
Cutting clips/In&Out Points
Once you have your clips on the timeline, you have a few choices for how you want to cut your clips. You can Mark In/Out points, use the razor tool, or extend and retract the clip on the timeline itself.
Audio fade in/out
What an Audio Timeline looks like
Importing Clips
File>Import>Select your clips
1. Click File
2. Look for import
3. Import your audio file
Getting Started
Green = Other Audio
1. Locate the audio file on the timeline
2.Expand the Audio Transitions folder in the Effects panel, then expand the Crossfade folder.
3.Choose your fade type
4. Click and drag the fade type you chose into the timeline, positioning it so that it snaps to the edge of the clip. Press the "S" key during your drag to toggle snapping if necessary.
5.Double-click the audio fade you just added in the timeline to change its speed. Type a duration for the fade into the pop-up window that appears and click "OK."
Exporting a premiere project
Click Browse
After you click
, find a place where everything can be saved to and click
After Choose
Know your footage!
Choose the setting that best fits your needs.
Name your sequence.
BONUS: Shortcuts
Click Premiere Pro up top
Click keyboard shortcuts
I chose FC7 shortcuts, Find what works for you.
Click ok when done.
In/Out Points
Razor Tool
Extend Frame
Project Panel
Program Monitor
Source Monitor
Blue = Camera Audio
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