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Tierra del Fuego

No description

Gillian Iacobucci

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Tierra del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego
Martial Glacier was named in honor of Luis Fernando Martial
The museo maritimo de ushuaia was once a prison
Tierra del fuego means land of fire
Is separated from mainland (South America) by the Strait of Magellan
Total area is 18,571 sq miles
2/3 of it is in Chile and 1/3 is in Argentina
Tierra del Fuego is called Land of Fire because Martial who found the land saw all the bonfires of the natives who lived there
at the height of summer there is sunlight for 17 hours and in the winter there is sunlight for 7 hours
the economy is based on petroleum and tourism
consists of one main island, five medium sized islands, and numerous small islands,
How to get there
by air
by land: either from the west- Punta Arenas, Chile or from the north- Río Gallegos, Argentina
by boat: cruise liner- leave from Europe or North America and makes stops along the way
Day 1 in Tierra del Fuego
The End of the World Train-this is the southernmost train and takes you outside of Ushuaia. You will see the beautiful scenery and landscape
The Martial Glacier- You can go trekking through ice or hike on a trail. Another option is to take a chair lift with breathtaking views of the glacier
Day 1 Continued
antartur adventure water portion- you can go canoeing and kayaking. Also you can sail on the water.
antartur adventure land portion- you can go on 4x4 track across the land. Also you can horseback ride on trails. Another thing is snow mobeiling and snow racketing
museo maritimo de ushuaia- you can see very detailed model of ships and exhibits on antartic exploration. Also the museum has local history involved.
Day 2 in Tierra del Fuego
Day 2 Continued
helicopter tours: heliushuaia- ride in a helicopter over many different places. There are a variety of tours available. Such as the Emerald Lagoon and landing at le cloche summit.
ushuaia divers: you can go diving in the clear waters of the Beagle Channel. This is surrounded by giant kelp. In the clear waters there are shipwrecks and jellyfish, king crabs, and many other creatures.

zip lining- in the canopy of Ushuaia there are many different zip lining options. There are many different length circuits.
tierra turismo- you can walk along the coast of the Bahia de Ushaia (Bay of Ushaia) to a waterfall. During the trek you will walk with the penguins. You can also go 4x4ing and a boat trip on a motor boat on the Grand Lake Escondido.
Emerald lagoon- hike to the emerald lagoon. You will cross peat bogs and evergreen beech forests. You may see foxes, condors, and beavers. The color of the water is this amazing blue
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