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Literary Analysis of The Hunger Games

No description

Rosal Lim

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Literary Analysis of The Hunger Games

Symbolism, Point of View, Conflict and Theme
Literary Analysis of The Hunger Games
Hello there Human!
This is my literary analysis on the Book the Hunger Games. Feel free to scroll around and read my analysis. Hope to here back from you soon
Hunger Games
I read three books from the book shares but because I got attached to Katniss and the energy of the story I chose to analyze this book.

Hunger Games is about post apocalyptic south America which is ruled by a dictatorial government. Every year they hold an event called the hunger games where they take two kids from the existing 12 district to battle it out to the death.
Katniss Everdeen and the people that matter.
Katniss Everdeen
- The Heroine of the story who volunteers in place of her sister to participate in the annual 74th hunger games.
- Katniss' younger sister who gets chosen for the hunger games.
Peeta Melaerk
- Bakers son who gets chosen as tribute and is coincidentally in love with Katniss.
Gale Hawthorne
- Katniss' bestfriend who may also have feelings for her.
- a victor from the past hunger games. Mentor to the tributes from district 12.
- Fashion Designer in charge of district 12.
Effie Trinket
- Energetic person in charge of the district 12 tribute. From the Capitol.
- 12 year old tribute from district 11.
President Snow
- Dictator who resides in the Capitol

Exposition: The morning before the reaping.
Rising action: When Katniss volunteers to take her sisters place as tribute.
Climax: The Cornocopia and beginning of the hunger games.
Falling action: Rue dies and Katniss finds Peeta
About the Analyst
My name is full name is Maria Illurosa Lim. I got my name during one particular afternoon when my Nanay was reading to my sibling while she had her unnamed baby on her lap (ME). She was reading a Filipino story about a Ilocano heroine, named Illurosa, who was set to save her to brothers. She got attached to the name and decided to call me Illurosa.
I feel like that little part of my history kinda defines who I am as a reader.
1.) I started to read books on my own because of the influence of my parents.
2.) My taste for books are a little on the feminist side. My favorite writers are Tamora Pierce and Victoria Hanely. Which incidentally both write about stories with heroines.
12 districts and tributes.
District 3
District 4
District 6
District 5
District 2
District 1
District 3
Industry: Electronics
Tributes: Boy with a bad leg
Tribute that wired the bombs around the cornucopia.
District 4
Industry: Fishing
District 5
Industry: Power
Tributes: Foxface
Tribute died after eating berries which were picked by Peeta.
District 6
Industry: Transportation

District 1
Industry: Luxury Items
Tributes: Glimmer and Marvel (Both Volunteered)
Both tributes were careers
District 2
Industry: Masonry and Peace Keepers
Tributes: Cato and Clove (Both volunteered)
Both Tributes were Careers
District 7
Industry: Lumber
District 8
Industry: Textiles
District 9
Industry: Grain
District 10
Industry: Livestock
District 11
Industry: Agriculture
Tributes: Rue and Rush
District 12
Industry: Coal
Tributes:Katniss Everdeen (Volunteered)
Peeta Melaerk
Considered to be one of the poorest districts
Beside a mountain (Plenty of game)
District 7
District 8
District 9
District 10
District 11
District 12
Panem is the post apocalyptic South America. Although there is a mention of land beyond its borders little is known about it. It is divided into 13 known districts. The capitol is the seat of the government where most citizens are free while the rest of the districts are made to cater to what the capitols needs.
The Arena where the Hunger Games is held changes from year to year. On the 74th games they chose to make it like the woods with a lake in the middle and tall trees all around.
People of the Capitol
- Symbolizes the people today and how we tend to be desensitized about the things going on around the world or even in our backyard.
Hunger Games
- Unnecessary Wars we have to fight.
- Innocent Deaths
- The triangle of wealth and how people in the bottom of the triangle (districts 9,10,11,12) are the poorest but also provide the essentials for living.

The book was written in Katniss' point of view. I particularly enjoyed this because during her stint inside the arena she hardly spoke but you could read her thought. Sometimes she would imagine herself on screen what the host would say and how people would react. It was like she never forgot that this was all a show to the people of the capitol
Suzanne Collins is 51 years old and is a writer for television. Here father, being a soldier in the Vietnam war and a history teacher, Felt that it was important that he teach his kids about what happened in the war which she felt influenced her writing in the book.
The idea of the book though first came to her when she was channeling surfing and she found herself flipping through new clips of iraq and a reality TV show and wondered how other people felt about it.
Awkward introductions and why I chose.
About the author
In the book, Katniss mentions that the closer you are to the capitol the more food and other resources you get.
Which is why district 1 and have strong careers who volunteer for the position while 9-12 are usually the underdogs.
Man VS. Man- Tributes vs. Tributes
Man VS. Herself- Katniss' inner struggle to play the lose her humanity by playing the game and surviving.
Man VS. Nature- Katniss' struggle to find water, getting caught in the forest fire and the jabbers.
The theme of the story was about the government and how we should not allow ourselves to be oppressed by the wrong systems.
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