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Presentation of Orpheus and Final Project Process.

Phillip Retuta

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Orpheus

Orpheus. Virgil's Tale of Orpheus in Three Acts Orpheus' wife-to-be, Eurydice, gets bitten by a snake on their wedding day and dies.
Orpheus travels to the underworld and, using his awesome musical skills, persuades Hades to take back Eurydice -- only on the condition that Orpheus does not look Eurydice on the way back, lest she disappear forever.
As Orpheus and Eurydice approach the entrance to the living world, Orpheus looks back, causing Eurydice to be lost forever. Character Analysis of Orpheus Young
A talented musician
Deeply in love with Eurydice
Prone to the hubris of impulsiveness
Willing to tempt fate/the Gods
A playboy (in later accounts, women he rejected literally tear him apart) Jean Cocteau's Orphée French Adaptation
Made in 1949
Utilized cutting edge effects to create a surrealist film Cocteau's Orphée in 5 Acts The poet Cégeste gets killed in a bar fight, Death and her chauffer, Heurtebise, take his body and Orphée with them.
Orphée falls obsessively in love with Death, Heurtebise falls in love with Orphée's pregnant wife, Eurydice.
Eurydice is killed by Death's henchmen who look like the bad guys in Aha's "Take On Me" and Orphée and Heurtebise pursue them to the afterlife.
Orphée retrieves Eurydice, looks at her and she disappears, and he travels back to the afterlife.
Death makes Orphée forget he loved her, and she and Heurtebise are punished for meddling in the mortal realm
The Hero's Journey Orpheus, in all versions, meddles with the afterlife and defies fate in order to see his beloved, Eurydice. Character Analysis of Orphée A talented writer/poet
Hot-tempered & impulsive
In love with another woman, Death
Disregards his wife, Eurydice Differences with the Original Tale Orphée falls in love with Death (Hades)
Orphée treats Eurydice poorly
The character, Heurtebise, is introduced and is depicted as a love interest for Eurydice
Orphée is suspected of the disappearance/murder of Cégeste Camus' Orfeu Negro (Black Orpheus) Brazilian Adaptation
Released in 1959
Set in Rio de Janero, Brazil Character Analysis of Orpheus A talented guitarist
Works as a trolly driver
Engaged to Mira
Friendly to children
Quick to love/flirt Black Orpheus in 6 Acts Eurydice comes to Rio de Janero, during Carnival, to escape a stalker and stays with her cousin, Serafina.
Orpheus, though engaged to the demanding Mira, sees Eurydice and falls in love.
Eurydice, disguised as Serafina in a veil, dances with Orpheus, enraging Mira.
Eurydice's stalker chases her, and Orpheus accidentally kills Eurydice through electrocution.
Orpheus searches for Eurydice's body, and through a pagan ritual, momentarily hears her voice via an old, withered medium.
Orpheus retrieves Eurydice's body, only to be accidentally killed by Mira. Differences from the Original Tale Aside from the pagan ritual scene, there are hardly any supernatural elements.
Orpheus is engaged to Mira, yet quickly falls in love with Eurydice.
An introduction of other Greek characters such as Hermes and a version of Tiresias, the blind prophet
Orpheus dies immediately after, reflecting the "Romeo & Juliet" theme that in death they will be together.
A lot of dancing. Overall Theme of Orpheus and Its Retellings Death is immuntable, and it even surpasses love. Music Video to Kevin Drew's "Big Love" Lyrics:
"I decided God was no longer in my bed. Big love is dead love. Big love is my love."

Couples coming together, Death in the background, one member of each couple dying in the end.
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