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Zachary Woodward

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Thesis

IB Interactive Oral
Chronicle of a
Death Foretold

Honor was very sacred in family households
Usually because of some dishonoring scenarios, women were place in a very dangerous position in traditional latino societies ("Crimes of Honor and Shame)".
Shame can only be redressed and honor restored when the deviant female is punished (Crimes of Honor and Shame).
Killing the deviant entity acts as a form of purification for the family, and the one who does the killing may even gain respect in the general community (Crimes of Honor and Shame).

Historical Background
"Seven of the many wounds were fatal.The liver was almost sliced to pieces... four incisions in the stomach...perforated the right kidney...thoracic cavity showed two perforations... He also had six minor wounds...two horizontal cuts...deep stab in the right hand” (García Márquez 75).
Example of Honor in the Text
“The boys were brought up to be men. The girls had been reared to get married... Any man will be happy with them because they’ve been raised to suffer" (Garcia Marquez 31).

By: Zachary, Chris, Jhonny,

Gabriel Garcia Marquez implements
background history of Colombia, Vicario brothers as twins, the concept of honor, and the role of brothels to further the understanding of the social relationship between people in his book
Chronicle of a Death Foretold.

How the history relates to the novel

It was the uprisings that happened due to agrarian and labor reform movements. Repressing of the lower class was done by the leaders at the time to make sure their own political belief stayed in power (Fifty Years of Violence).

Machismo and Marianismo were both important when the ideas of brothels and prostitution come up.
-Encouraged to sleep with many women to show their masculinity.
The wounds that Santiago had could have happened to anyone who defiled the honor of the regime or just defied the regime period.
-Encouraged to only sleep with their husband to how their purity.
Men who went to brothels were looked up at for their masculinity, yet women at brothels were looked down at for being impure. (Age of Revolution)
Look at the events of 1950's Colombia
Out With The Old
• Rebellion happened in Bogotá prior to the 1950 election due to the assassination of Liberal Jorge Eliécer Gaitán htat tried to lead his people to agrarian and labor reform movements (Fifty Years of Violence).

• Conservative candidate Laureano Gómez won the 1950’s election (Fifty Years of Violence).

• Rebellion in Bogotá quelled but other armed peasant uprisings happened in other rural areas (Fifty Years of Violence).

• President Gómez thought Liberal peasants were the same as Communists so he responded to the uprisings with violent repression (Fifty Years of Violence).

• Liberal members of the national police force were fired (Fifty Years of Violence).

• They were then replaced with Conservative peasants from the Boyacá district of Chulavita (Fifty Years of Violence).

"Maria Alejandrina Cervantes...
an empty bed" (Garcia Marquez 64).
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Can you guys find any examples of brothels/prostitution in relation to machismo and/or marianismo?
The Blind Date
Machismo and Marianismo
Everyone will use the quotes they find to ask questions to the guys up here about their machismo and what they think about marianismo. Then you will pick who fits the social norms of Colombian culture in the 1950's.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez includes
background history of Colombia, Vicario brothers as twins, the concept of honor, and the role of brothels to assist the reader's understanding of the social relationship between people in his novel
Chronicle of a Death Foretold.
Hereditary Similarities
Deeper Sibling Relationship
Identity as Twins
Due to a lack of age difference, twins can share deeper relationships than regular siblings (Wells)
Lack of seriousness is common in close relationships (Wells)
Time of birth as well as identical DNA leads to similar environments twins are raised in (Winerman)
Results in similar dispositions
-May have lead to mutual agreement to kill of Santiago for taking Angela's virginity
Twins are often raised together in the same environment and seen together (Wells).
Vicario brothers are often grouped as one entity rather than two separate people
What makes sibling relationships different than relationships between friends or other people?

What makes twins different than other types of siblings?

The real life murderers were not twins. Why would Garcia Marquez present the Vicarios as twins?
New police force became infamous for the brutal tactics used to repress rebellious liberals and communists (Fifty Years of Violence).

Time that Gómez was president was referred to as the Gómez regime (Fifty Years of Violence).

Gómez regime supported by the Church (Fifty Years of Violence).

The Church had been victimized during the uprising and by the US helped the Gómez regime (Fifty Years of Violence).

The Church’s support helped bring the repression of the Gómez regime to higher levels (Fifty Years of Violence).

Military coup led by General Gustavo Rojas Pinilla occurred where he used the military to get back the property of the landowners that fled to the cities (Fifty Years of Violence).

Armed peasant groups called for agrarian reform once again (Fifty Years of Violence).
Look at the events of 1950's Colombia
In With The New
"When I saw him as safe and sound I thought it was a fib" (Garcia Marquez, 19)
Situation 1
Situation 2
Did you pick the honorable choice?
Scavenger Hunt in a Flash
Find as many quotes in the novel related to the concept of honor!
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