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Mataji's Presentation

A character sketch of Majita in the story "For Mataji"

Brooklyn Grove

on 6 April 2010

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Transcript of Mataji's Presentation

Mataji Punjabi Religions * State in India Islam Sikhism Hinduism a set of ideologies holding that Islam is
not only a religion but also a political system Worlds third largest religion! The predominant religion of South Asia.
Is sometimes referred to as "Sanātana
Dharma." meaning the eternal law.
Hinduism includes traditional and mental
disciplines, and a wide spectrum of "Daily
Mortality" based on karma. This is a system of religious philosophy and expression. The principal belief is represented by the symbol of ik ōaṅkār or the Universal God. It advocates the pursuit of salvation through disciplined, personal meditation. Sacred symbol Culture Is one of the oldest
and richest cultures. Clothing Tradtional Dhoti Popular Turban Clothing is a very large part of Indian life style. It distinguished if you were married, single, old or a child. Now not so much, anyone can wear whatever they want. These are some indian styles of clothing that you see today. Likewise, for women. The stanapatta with either the
traditional woman's dhoti or
the sari make the traditional
ensamble. Sari A tightly fitted short blouse worn
under the sari is called the chloi,
the back always remains open. Bollwood Fashion
The bollywood saree This popular Indian dress evolved as
a comfortable and respectable garment
for women in Kashmir and Punjab region,
but is now immensely popular in all regions
of India. The salwar-kameez. Men still remain more comfortable
in clothing like the kurta. These
are closely related to pajama's. More traditional accessories worn with the sari's and
salwar-kameez are head scarf's.
There not used as much today
along with nose pins and toe rings
which were originally only used for married woman to represent purity
with the pure gold metal. The rich cultural heritage of Punjab
gives a clarion call to peace and prosperity. Ghandi considered Punjab the most important province of India. In addition to the Hindus , Muslims and Sikhs,
the numerous ethnic groups that came to Punjab
have contributed to the growth of its composite culture . It is intersected by seven perennial rivers joined by countless tributaries.
These rivers and their tributaries provide rich soil and nutrients for it's vast plains. Mataji was a very "old-school" woman, I think because her grandaughter says that she has never seen her grandmother without her sari on, and years ago it was against religion, and laws to be caught without wearing your sari.
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