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Jessica Byers

on 4 January 2015

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Transcript of NEWSPAPER

C is for Central Library
E is for Eventide
B is for Barton Park
Eventide is a semi-formal, upscale restaurant that has a antique atmosphere in the upstairs dinning room.
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
A is for Casual Adventure
F is for For Mile Run
Four Mile run is a 6.2 Mile trail that ends at Bluemont Junction that parallels the W&OD Trail.
My friends and family have come to know and love Casual Adventure. Not only do they sell camping gear, but they sell both Boy Scout and Girl Scout uniforms.
The Iwo Jima Memorial is a monument that has a great veiw of the firework show in July and is the finish line for the Marine Corps Marathon. It also links Arlington to the Nations Capitol region.
Glebe Park is a lovely park with basic amenities and a trail that leads to Gulf Branch
Henry Clay Park is only a few blocks away form my house and I have so many memories of this park. It is a beautiful park that I will always love.
Team Z is an adult marathon group that is located in Arlington even though some people are from DC or Alexandria.
Bishop O'Connell is a High School where I received by bronze award for Girl Scouts. Also, my cousin Megan attended Bishop O'Connell High School.
Lyon Park is a classic. The community hosts many activities and parties like the annual Christmas party and Halloween parade.
Cafe Pizziaolo makes my favorite pizza. It is a very thin crust pizza with pesto and basil on top. It is worth waiting for!
My parents have been eating El Pollo Rico chicen since 1991 at their original restaurant location on Washington Blvd. El Pollo Rico has always been and will always be a family favorite.
Quincy Park has a soccer field, a baseball diamond, basketball courts, tennis courts, a volley ball court, and a playground. The needs of the community are reflected by the various sports activities available so we humans changed the environment based on what we like.
The Italian Store is an Arlington classic. My dad loves the pizza from here and I always love seeing the little three wheeled, blue truck in the parking lot.
Arlington is so diverse partially because of the many families that join their loved ones in the move onto the Fort Myer base.
Bailey's Crossroads has unique history but has now become a shopping center. We often come here to get arts and craft supplies at AC. Moore.
The Tomb of the Unknown is a monument of the remains of an unknown solider that is guarded 24 hours a day, 7-days a week. It was guarded even through Hurricane Sandy.
The Thrifton Hills Park features the Custis Trail, a kiosk, 200-year old trees, a stream, and ONE picnic table.
The Woodgrill is a true delight to food. Their menu features grilled Meatloaf (my favorite) and grilled Asparagus (one dad's favorites). I come here with my dad sometimes, when my mom is on travel.
Lyon Village Park is a certain place in Arlington that features a water park, a playground, basketball courts, tennis courts, and a picnic shelter.
Central library is just one of the many libraries in Arlington. They often showcase art and authors here.
The Nicecream factory is located a short walk away from the Clarendon Barnes & Noble. They serve ice cream that is made right before your eyes using liquid nitrogen. It is delicious and nutritious.
Rocky Run, also known as Barton Park, is located on N Barton st. It is a very popular sledding location in the winter.
D is for Donaldson Run
M is for Fort Myer
X is for Bailey's X-roads
U is for the Tomb of the Unknowns
V is for Lyon Village
T is for Thrifton Hills Park
S is for The Italian Store
G is for Glebe Park
H is for Henry Clay Park
I is for Iwo Jima Memorial
J is for Thomas Jefferson Middle School
K is for Kinder Haus Toys
L is for Lyon Park
N is for the Nicecream Factory
O is for Bishop O'Connell High Schoool
P is for Cafe Pizziaolo
Q is for Quincy Park
R is for El Pollo Rico
W is for The Boulevard Woodgrill
Y is for Yorktown High School
Z is for Team Z
Kinder Haus toys is one of my favorite toy stores. When I was younger I would go to Kinder Haus to buy unique toys for my friend's birthdays.
Donaldson Run is a Nature trail that is part of the Potomac Overlook Regional Park.
Thomas Jefferson Middle School is a fantastic school with a fabulous garden and community center. It has a diverse neighborhood, no wonder it is so great.
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