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Exterminating The History of Doctor Who

An explanation of the television series and it's history.

J. M. K. Independent

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of Exterminating The History of Doctor Who

The History
Doctor Who Origins 1962 "Doctor Who" was created in 1962 by a woman named Verity Lambert. The First Doctor 1963-1966 The appearance of the Doctor was by William Hartnell in the first serial "The Unearthly Child" The First Doctor 1963-1966 "The Daleks" The First Doctor 1963-1966 "The Dalek Invasion of Earth" Susan's last episode. What is The Doctor? He's Certainly Not Human... The Doctor is from the planet Gallifrey and is a Time Lord. The First Doctor 1963-1966 "The Tenth Planet" Introduced the Cybermen Introduced Regeneration The Second Doctor 1966-1969 First full episode:
"Power of the Daleks" A little vocabulary Gotta have the gob... Regeneration Sonic Screwdriver TARDIS Recorder The Second Doctor 1966-1969 U.N.I.T. "The Moonbase" Oh, look! The Cybermen are back! The Second Doctor 1966-1969 "The Invasion" Introduced U.N.I.T. The Second Doctor 1966-1969 "The War Games" The Time Lords are not happy... The Third Doctor 1970-1974 "Spearhead from Space" The Third Doctor 1970-1974 "Doctor Who and the Silurians" The Third Doctor 1970-1974 "Terror of the Autons" Introduction of The Master The Third Doctor 1970-1974 "The Time Warrior" Introduced the Sontarans Introduces Sarah Jane Smith The Third Doctor 1970-1974 "Planet of the Spiders" Last episode with The Third Doctor. The Fourth Doctor 1974-1981 "Robot" The Fourth Doctor 1974-1981 "The Deadly Assassin" Do you recognize him? The Third Doctor 1970-1974 The Fourth Doctor 1974-1981 "The Three Doctors" A Summary The Fourth Doctor 1974-1981 "Logopolis" The Fifth Doctor 1982-1984 The Fourth Doctor 1974-1981 "Castrovalva" "Earthshock" The Fifth Doctor 1982-1984 "The Five Doctors" The 20th Anniversary The Fifth Doctor 1982-1984 "The Caves of Androzani" The Sixth Doctor 1984-1986 "The Twin Dilemma" The Sixth Doctor 1984-1986 "The Two Doctors" The Sixth Doctor 1984-1986 "The Trial of a
Time Lord" The Seventh Doctor 1987-1989 "Time and the Rani" The Seventh Doctor 1987-1989 "Survival" The Eighth Doctor 1996 Doctor Who: The Movie Welcome to Doctor Who
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