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School of Art & Design

Creative Courses @ Riverina Institute of TAFE

Liam O'Neill

on 5 March 2012

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Transcript of School of Art & Design

2 yrs @ TAFE +
1 yr @ CSU
= University Degree*
*On successful completion of TAFE Diploma & 3rd yr of Undergraduate Degree at CSU
Bachelor of Creative Industries
Choose electives that are suited to your individual creative talents
3rd yr units are delivered via Distance (flexible)
Option to attend on campus classes
2D & 3D Games
Web Design
Illustration & Character Design
Animation and Visual FX
3D Printing & 3D scanning
Logo Design & Corporate Identity
Brochure/Flyer/Magazine Layout
Photography & Video
Typography & Colours
Web Design
Advertising & working with Clients
VET-FEE HELP available
$0 upfront governement loan
Facility renovated recently (2012)
Quality Teachers with Specialised Industry Experience
Hands on experience & great learner support
Graphics Tablets
Sony z7, Canon 5D x 2, Canon 60D x 6
Avg Salary - $46k
w/ Exp -
Avg Salary - $50k
w/ Exp -
Fun, Exciting & Always Changing
Casual Attire
Creative Work Environment
Different Tasks every day
Freelance Option
Work Anywhere in the World
(02) 6938 1288

(02) 6938 1233
Graphic Designer
Multimedia/Digital Artist
Diploma of Graphic Design
& Communication (18months)
Diploma of Interactive Digital Media (18months)
27" iMacs
Green Screens & Lighting Setups
Print Making
Ceramic Sculpture
Art History
Bachelor of Graphic Design (Diploma + 2 yrs @ CSU) = 3.5 yrs)
Express yourself!
Artist/Art Teacher
Artist - ?
Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts
Diploma of Visuals Arts
Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art)
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