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Final Project Presentation: Digital Storytelling for teacher

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on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Final Project Presentation: Digital Storytelling for teacher

1. Digital Literacy
2. Storytelling through Comics
3. Video Storytelling
4. Collaborative Storytelling
5. Storytelling with Mobile Devices

My digital storytelling portfolio
Digital Literacy
Teaching by using it not banning it.
Teach and Learn how to use mobile technology instead forbid students to use it in class.
Stories through Comics
Comics and Cartoons make life funnier
and learning easier
Digital Citizenship
Apps that have transformed my teaching and their learning.
Changing my teaching practice thorough the use of mobile technology

Final Project Presentation: Digital Storytelling for teachers

Video Storytelling
Video is our perfect tool to share our
experiences. It gives us the opportunity to create , imagine and share everything imagination can create

My favorite Task: Halloween video
One of the most interesting task for me was the one in Module 3. Video story Telling. Our students and me created a video story based on the idea of how to create our Halloween Classroom Story . Creating a video means collaborate, organize, think, design , imagine and then enjoy the impressive results.
Video. Animoto.
My favorite Tool: Padlet
Teaching: Collaborative Storytelling
Collaborative Storytelling. Students of First of Eso have worked cooperatively to create a Padlet as a summary of their first term work in the High School

Teaching: Using Mobile Devices
Teaching: Digital Literacy
Digital Literacy . As we are working on Erasmus Projects we need to make students conscious of the importance of the correct use Internet and mobile devices. We use some videos in the classroom.
Teaching: Video Storytelling
Video Storytelling. Students create their own story on Halloween and enjoyed in the video

In this platform you can see our students works based on the use of Mobile Technology in the classroom.

Thanks to this course " Digital Storytelling ", our tutor Shelly Terrel and all the course mates in group E ,I have learnt a lot and have felt more motivated to work with my students using mobile technology.

Teaching Practice: Erasmus KA1 Project

Students have create their own Halloween Story and then present it in a comic strip using Pixton

Sharing Stories through Comics. Creation of Vokis to introduce themselves to their Erasmus parthers . They all considered voki as a great tool.
(Etwinning Project : We work 2gether)
Teaching:Storytelling Comics
Amalia Belmonte G.
MY FAVOURTIE TOOL. Padlet is the tool that consider perfect for using in so many ways as your imagination can fly. We have created poems, stories, boards. Easy to use and easy to explain.
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