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Comets Write to the Top!

No description

Erin Claridy

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Comets Write to the Top!

A Closer Look at
Comets Write to the Top!

How does "Comets Write to the Top (CWT)" impact our school's literacy initiative?
Comets Write to the Top is a streamlined and common set of grading rubrics and expectations to communicate our expectation for writing across the school, between disciplines, and in their future careers.

The CWT documents are not designed or intended to overwhelm or further burden teachers. You can use as much or as little as you see fit, as you adapt them to your individual assignments and meet students where they are and hopefully take them farther.

Where did it come from?
The rubrics were heavily based upon those found at Peachtree Ridge High School.

They were adapted to reflect Comet pride and piloted with much success by the 9th Academy during the spring of 2013.
Annotation in Practice
Assessment: The Rubric
CWT Grading
Annotation is a critical part of the CWT literacy initiative as it forces students to read actively, and engage with the text. The goal of annotation is to see students develop their own symbol set that works for them. The annotation guide should act as "training wheels" until students develop their own annotation symbol set.

Annotation should reflect:
Students must know it's not enough to have an article riddled with symbols and no marginalia; that does not help them engage, or us deliver responsive instruction.
This year's current Sophomores and Freshmen are very familiar with annotation, and we are working to establish it as something that you just "do" when you read.

However, regularly modeling of the skill helps
3 pound dictionaries are old school:) It's far easier to direct students to download a dictionary app and use it during school.
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