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Grad School Conference

No description

Marley Crossland

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Grad School Conference

February 21, 2013 WAEOPP McNair/ SSS Senior Retreat Roundtable Career Advancement
Credentials as signal to employers
Make money
Be well-employed
Myth: Time off before Grad School will be good
What is the process? Things to do as an Undergraduate Student Why Should One Go to Grad School? Connections
Get involved in community
Understand structure of institution
Read essays and literature pertinent to major
Interviews are VERY important
Check out potential advisors Applying to Grad School Apply to schools that don't have everything
Make connections
Know staff, professors, potential advisor
Apply nationwide
Apply to 8-10 at least
Practice for interviews
Ask for waivers for application fees 2-6 weeks in advance Applying to Grad School (Cont.) Reach is attractive
Be rejected, it will happen
Google schools' rankings (Gossip is a good system!)
Customize yourself
Take GRE and MOVE ON
Study Groups Presented by:

Marley Crossland
Michael Berndt
Rebecca Rudquist
Dylan Essing
Emily Banitt
Sarah Nicla
Katherine Wicklund
Amanda Dunn
Emmanuel Avila Financial Support Financial Aid v. Funding and Support
Get involved at academic meetings
TAs, RAs, GAs, fellowships
finaid.org, fastweb.com
Ask for funding
Apply early, deadlines in September
Ask questions about funding, know what funding includes
Timeline Sophomore Year: get involved on campus, start & keep Resume updated
Early Junior Year: begin contacting advisers, research schools
Work on Junior Year Grades
August after Junior Year: take GRE
Apply ASAP
Do not wait until 6 weeks before due dates
Get Letters of Recommendation beginning of Senior year
Get first rejection
Wait, Revise, Customize
Keep grades up
Thank those who talk with you and help you
DO NOT turn down preview dates or meet and greets
Ask for travel sponsorship When you are accepted, it's time to GET PICKY!
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