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American Influence in our daily lives and ideologies.

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Eduardo Tisnes

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of American Influence in our daily lives and ideologies.

Hypothesis Answers Sources Conclusions Questions 1. How is our culture and other aspects of our region similar to those that had developed earlier? To present a project that exposes:
"American Imperialism in our daily lves and ideologies”, While embarking on different topics such as:
1. Cultural imperialism in Latin America and our daily life.
In order to analyze this and present a solid investigation items such as religion, ideologes, and others would be analyzed. 1. We normally follow those that have developed earlier because we think they are better structured, they are more influential, or simply because they taught us to follow them. American Influence in our daily lives and ideologies. 1. We have adopted many of the aspects of religions and cultures, which had developed earlier, sometimes with variations but maintaining key aspects to those that developed earlier. (Hypotesis partially proved). 1. http://www.nytimes.com/1999/03/10/opinion/l-is-american-culture-unstoppable-our-regional-melange-690465.html?src=pm -Is American Culture Unstoppable?; Our Regional Melange
2. http://www.nytimes.com/keyword/american-culture -Cultura Americana  Our researchers were not that good so we didn't had pretty good results. We did not do the surveys to common people. Even though the research was not so good we could learn a lot of stuff that will help us developing future projects. Some of our hypothesis were right some were wrong and some we couldn't prove due to the lack of information. As our culture is based and takes a lot of beliefs, ideologies and traditions from other cultures, we want to present a solid investigation about how other cultures influence our lives, and the lives of people living in less developed regions of the world such as Africa and South America. Statement of Purpose 2. How can we help to de-monopolize markets and economies, affecting our lives for a greater good? 3. How are people in Colombia affected in different ways by other cultures? 4. Why do we adopt other cultures (according to research and personal opinions)? 5. How can a culture change the way we think about society? How does it really do it? 2. We can create new projects, present our OWN ideas, follow them, and adapt them. We actually don’t really get involved. 3. They might get persuaded or influenced depending on their social class and the form they were raised, also the fact of growing up in a rural or urban area can matter. 4. : We adopt them because we didn’t create a solid culture since the inception of our country, and we have become accustomed to following them. 5. When a new culture arises and comes into our country, it is very possible it can influence how we think about other countries and how we relate with them, but it also depends on our proper policies. 2. Encouraging more of our enterprises to compete, giving hem subsidies, providing tax-breaks and passing bills that regulate markets and therefore make suree every company has a fair shot at trying to compete in market, that way we have more options to choose from. (Hypothesis proved). 3. We were not able to answer this question due to the lack of sources and researches. (Hypoyhesis not proved). 4. Because they seem as more important and with a wider historical background, they seem to have worked and we like them. (Hypoyhesis not proved). 3.http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27137766/ns/world_news-americas/t/us-influence-wanes-latin-america/ -U.S. influence wanes in Latin America 4. Buses Alemanes-Compañias automotrices monopolizando la industria del transporte.
   Revista Semana, edicion 1556, del 27 de feb. al 5 de mar.
   pag 62.
Benefits of assimilation. 6. Se expnde la turbulencia aerea-Como las crisis europeas afectan COlombia.
   Revista Semana, edicion 1556, del 27 de feb. al 5 de mar.   pag 62. 7. http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/61702/jorge-g-castaneda/latin-americas-left-turn# :The U.S., which once considered Latin America its own backyard, is having an increasingly tough time calling the shots in a region where countries like Brazil and China are vying for influence, and where even tiny Honduras stands up to the "Colossus to the North."
  Our sources were only magazines. This shows that our researches would not throw the same results of the researches with bookj and surveys. Next time we should consider reading 2 or 3 books. 5. We were not able to answer this question due to the fact that we didn't get to do the surveys so we have no public opinion. (Hypoyhesis not proved). Eduardo Tisnés Zapata A.
Ricardo MAdrid Arango S.
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