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Leadership Development Programme

No description

anela d.

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Leadership Development Programme

Leadership development programme
Aims to enable personal and professional development
Through experiential learning environment
Divided in 3 different expertise areas
Business Development
Focus on the promotion, branding, and visibility of the organization to various stakeholders.

Central Responsibilities:
Targeting and profiling the right clients
Creating a promotional strategy
Brand positioning
Designing marketing materials
Managing digital media

Professional skills gained:
Brand management
Public relations
Commercial awareness

Organizing Committee
Trainer´s Seminars
Leadership Development Programme
What is the
Global Leader Programme?
long-term value for the organization through sales
selling AIESEC internships

Central Responsibilities:
Conducting direct sales through cold-calls, meetings and networking
Handling contracts and accounts
Ensuring fulfillment of projected sales
Creating product portfolio
Process delivery from initial company contact and throughout the intern’s stay

Professional Skills gained:
Practical Sales
Market analysis and understanding
Service orientation
Corporate customer sales
Account delivery management

ensuring that the key resources in the organization are used efficiently and effectively
Human Resources or Finance team

Central Responsibilities:
Member recruitment
Conducting trainings and education
Member counseling and performance tracking
Budgeting, controlling and auditing finances
Managing and tracking investments
Generating financial statements
Professional skills gained:
Conflict management and problem-solving
Organizational skills
Analytical and numerical skills
Proficiency with technical tools

Getting Started:
Register online for an information meeting
Group assessment center
Individual interview

New Member Induction:
Induction seminar
Allocated to a role
National Conference

Team Experience:
Team Member & Team leader
Higher positions

Life Long Connection:
Alumni <3
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