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I am going to tell you all about butterflies

All about butterflies

Teesha stager

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of I am going to tell you all about butterflies

I AM GOING TO TELL YOU ABOUT BUTTERFLIES There are about 15,000 butterflies in the world butterflies are only insects
their wings are covered with millions of scales,the scales give the butterflies
their color and help them fly by trapping
air between the individual scales. Their body is divided
into 3 parts the :head,thorax,abdomen Butterflies
are cold-blooded They cannot fly if their body temperature at falls below 30c butterflies
have their eyes open and they do not sleep. Butterflies sun themselves to warm up in cool weather As butterflies age the color of the wings fades and the wings become ragged some butterflies can fly about 30 miles per hour or faster, slow flying butterflies fly about 5mph. Actually butterflies
do not eat at all, Instead
of eating butterflies get their
nurishment from drinking.They
have a long narrow tube in their
mouth called a proboscis that like
a straw. They usually set on top
of a flower and drink the nectar butterflies can
taste with their
feet They each have
sensors on them that
can tell just by landing
on a flower what it taste
like. butterflies
live in all sorts of
places. It depends on the size
of the butterfly where it lives,and if the butterfly is small it probably not live that long,but if it is larger it will live longer The
average life
span of a butterfly
it is usually about
ONE month
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