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What did the Big Three want from Versailles and what did the

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Betsy Jacobson

on 21 August 2017

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Transcript of What did the Big Three want from Versailles and what did the

What did the Big Three want from Versailles and what did they really get?
Complete your diagram using the corresponding information. Then answer the Essential Questions.
Clemenceau wanted...
on Germany (as a defeated enemy)
Germany for the death and destruction caused by invading France
make Germany pay reparations
for damage done to France
German military so France would never be in danger again
Lloyd George wanted...
between Clemenceau and Wilson
-but not too harsh and not for revenge
“make Germany pay”
but not so much to damage trade
expand the
British Empire
maintain Britain’s
control of the seas
increase British
Woodrow Wilson
a plan based on his
14 Points
end to war
and make the
world safe for democracy
fair peace
for new countries
-take away war's tools
League of Nations
to prevent war
Clemenceau got...
huge reparations
a tiny German army
the demilitarized zone in the Rhineland (the buffer)
Alsace-Loraine and German colonies
He wanted the treaty to be harsher.
He wanted germany to be split up into smaller countries.

Lloyd George got...
German colonies in Africa
The small German navy
He thought the Treaty was too harsh and would ruin Germany
He said it would cause another war in 25 years time.
Wilson got...
A League of Nations
Self-determination for the people of Eastern Europe (Poland, Latvia, Hungary
Some of his 14 Points were left out of the Treaty
The U.S. Senate refuse to join the League or sign the treaty.
Essential Questions:

1) Based on the graphic organizer, which
country, if any, got the most of what they
wanted in the Treaty?

2) Based on the graphic organizer, which
country would be the most disappointed in
the Treaty of Versailles? Why?

3) Predict what could have prevented each
country from getting what they wanted at
the Paris Peace Conference.
Moral of the Story:
You can't always get what you want.
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