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Performance Reporting

No description

Paul Andrew

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of Performance Reporting

The Path to Improved Performance Reporting
Where We Are
Single User Manual Data Collection
Where We Want To Be
How We Get There - Reporting
How We Get There - Data Collection
Time Consuming Data Manipulation
Development Intensive Data Warehousing
Large Restricting Tables Of Reporting Data
Slow Manual Customer Distribution
Clearly Defined Set Of KPIs
Repeatable Reporting Methodology
Customer Transparency
Centralised Performance Warehouse
Direct Improvement Action
Justifiable Outgoings
Cross Departmental Data Analysis
Live Departmental Systems
Raw Data Collection
Performance Data Marts
Third Party
In House
Interactive Dashboards
Real Time Monitoring Clients
Visual Indicators
Rapid Adhoc Analysis
Redefine the performance landscape of the organisation and pave the way for a flexible, deliverable and transparent service backed up by comprehensive statistical analysis.
Thank You
Paul Andrew & Vicki Cooper
Performance Data Marts
Two Tableau Desktop software licenses with no further maintenance costs,

Estimated one off in house development time,
25 days.

Estimated on-going operational time for routine reporting,
2.5 days per month.

Estimate on-going operational time for data warehouse support,
0.5 days per month.
Internal Collection Processes
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