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No description

Elaine Gomez

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of betrayed

They said that in the Middle Ages... was a very poor man wrongly accused of murdering a women. Actually the real murdered was a very influential person in the kingdom and from the outset sought a scapegoat to cover up his crime. The poor man was put on trial and knowing that would have no chance to escape the terrible verdict... The gallows! The judge also plotted nevertheless took care to give every appearance of a fair trial to the accused why he said: "Knowing your reputation righteous and devout man of God let him leave to your destination, we will write in two separate papers guilty and innocent words. You will choose one paper and be the hand of God that decides your fate. Of course the bad officer had prepared two papers with the same word guilty and and the poor victim without knowing the details yet realized that the proposed system was a trap. There was no escape. The judge urged the man to take one of the folded papers. He breathed deeply, was silent for a few seconds with his eyes closed and when the room began to get impatient, he opened his eyes with a strange smile and took one of the papers and bringing it to his mouth and quickly swallow it. Shocked and outraged these angrily reproached: "But what did you do? Now? How can we know the verdict?" "Quite simply, the man replied. You just need to read the remaining paper and we'd know what the paper that I swallowed said ." With anger and grumbling, they release the accused and never bother him again. We are going to present a short story that we liked as soon as we read it. We got the story from http://spiralmazes.galeon.com/cuentos1.htm The main character of the story is a poor man that doesn't have anything to do with a crime. The other important characters of the story are the real murdered and the judge. This story is about a poor man that is accused of a murder of a woman that he didn't commit and as we know people with money manipulate others to get what they want. The judge is manipulated for the rich people form the kingdom and he was helping the killer to get away with the murder of the woman. The tone of the history is serious. The story is in a suspenseful mood. The poor guy was very smart and clever that he knew what the strategy was. He was brave to swallow the paper and not knowing the reaction of the attorney. At the end his ability and smartness rescue his life. The moral of the story is that there is no such thing as destiny, we are the ones who decide our future.

"No one saves us but ourselves. No one
can and no one may. We ourselves must
walk the path." - Buddah
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