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Chemical Engineering

No description

Michael Harton

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Chemical Engineering

Pro's and Cons
Easy to get internships
High starting Salary
Long work hours
Rigorous college program
Chemical Engineering
Use Maths and Sciences to solve problems
Create or improve products
increase efficiency in manufacturers
By: Michael Harton
What is a Chemical
Beginners make $50,000 a year
Average is $97,000 a year
Requires a Bachelor's Degree
Some people get an MBA
I enjoy Math and Science
I have experience
Located in W Lafayette, IN
Total cost is is $23,032 per year
Engineering Fee is $2,050
Georgia Tech
Located in Atlanta, Georgia
Full cost is $47,612 per year
Stanford University
Located 30 miles from San Francisco
Total cost is $62,541 per year

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