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The Story Elements of The Hunger Games

Book Report #1

Liv Wright

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of The Story Elements of The Hunger Games

The Story Elements of
The Hunger
Games Main Charactors:
- Peeta Mellark
- Katniss Everdeen
- Haymitch
- Effie Trinket
- Cinna Peeta Mellark Round because we see both his
good side and bad.
When he says he has a
crush on Katniss
then goes

Dynamic because he changes
throughout the story.
He starts to team up with
Katniss Katniss Everdeen Round because she is more
We know lots about her

Dynamic because she changes
throughout the story.
She becomes more adapt-
ed to her surroundings Haymitch Setting:
District 12 Flat because he is not more
We don't know about
his past

Dynamic because he changes
throughout the story
He learns to take mentoring
more seriously to help Katniss
and Peeta Peeta-- a tribute from district 12 who admits his
crush on Katniss then betrays by fighting against her
then teaming back up with her. Katniss-- a tribute from district 12 who
voulenteers as tribute to save her sister. Using her
survival skills she survives the hunger games. Haymitch-- a mentor for the district 12
tributes but gets offtrack sometimes but
ended up teaching them how to survive the
HUNGER GAMES Effie Trinket Flat because she is not developed
We don't know anything
about her past.

Static because she never changes
she always remained a
stick in the mud
Point of View First Person
(Katniss) because Katniss is reffered to
as "I" Cinna Flat because we only know
his good side not his bad
He is nice a supporting

Static because he doesn't
change throughout the story Effie Trinket-- the person in charge of the
tributes from district 12 she makes sure they
don't die before the HUNGER GAMES Cinna-- the man incharge of the clothes
the district 12 tributes wear at the HUNGER
GAMES. He is very friendly to Katnss. Plot Charactors arrow but no such luck, Katniss climbs up further and falls asleep for the night. The next morning she wakes before the careers do and she hears a psstt.. Sound she looks around and sees Rue from district 11 she makes a motion to look up. Katniss lookes up and sees a tracker jacker nest (bee) she remebers the knife she has and cuts the tree limb and it falls down onto the tributes they scream and run away one dies and the others make it away, Katniss passes out from being stung. Little Rue takes care of her for three days applying medicine By she hears a familiar voice… Peeta. She feels decieved but tries not to make a noise to not be seen as the head by she falls back asleep. The next day she goes around just trying to survive as she heads deeper into the forest. She finds a tree and sleeps for the night, she awakes again to the smell of smoke and finds she is surrounded by fire but its not a fire gone out of control it is gamemaker’s fire she runs out of the forest but got a little burned she finds a river and jumps in feeling relieved but her attention goes to the career tribute that See her they chase after her and she runs up a tree Cato tries to climb but his weight brings him falling next Clove tries to shoot her with her bow and Katniss grabs a backpack and runs deep into the forest looking for any sign of water with no luck she finds a tree and straps herself in for the night hoping she is deep in the forest enough to not be seen by the other tributes. She falls asleep and soon later is awoken by the smell of smoke some stupid person lit a fire and surprise she is killed by some of the career tributes who have already formed a militia the start to come closer to where she is hiding, but they don’t see her but as they walk The Hunger Games who was no other than Peeta Mellark who had always had a crush on Katniss. When they arrive at the training station the get right to work training to kill the other tributes. First they practice together then they have a chance to prove what they can do alone. When the are alone the gamemakers give them a score 1-10, when Katniss Everdeen gets an 11 (the highest score)the stakes are raised everyone is out to get her. They are put in an arena to battle to the death. When the game bell ring to start it off The Plot They are like a bee but deadly if you get stung they can cause severe delusions, pain, or at to many stings can cause death Tracker JAcker The gamemakers of district 1 make two tributes from each district, a boy and a girl from 12-18 to participate in a competition where they all have to fight to the death against each other, militias form, rules are broken and for Katniss Everdeen hearts are crushed. In district 12 her sister Primrose was chosen (12) so she voulenteered herself to take her place. Then the boy was chosen The Point of the Hunger Games Conflict Internal Katniss vs her feelings She tries to never show her emotions to get sponsers
she tries to stay tough External Katniss vs other tributes they fight till the death
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