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Denmark Ekansh


Amber Rabold

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Denmark Ekansh

By Ekansh Denmark Food Denmark Flag. Money Holidays Food in Denmark:
Christmas cookies,■Danish Pancake Balls,
■Danish Puff,
■Danish Rice Pudding,
■Danish Meat Balls
■SMØRREBRØD. Crimesh Money in Denmark is gold,white,and
gray. back front
Birthdate - Hans ChristiaAndersen, Danish author of Fairy Tales, was born in Odense, Denmarkn .

June 5th

Constitution Day
none designated; Constitution Day, 5 June is generally viewed as the National Day

December 25th
The Danes have enjoyed Christmas since the tenth century, when Viking King Harald Bluetooth introduced Christianity to his kingdom. Since Denmark experiences only six hours of daylight on Christmas cities and villages light thousands of candles.
Tradition says all holiday guests must receive sweets or refreshments or the Christmas spirit departs from the house. Sweets may include brune kager (round brown cookies topped with half an almond), klejner (fried cookies twisted into knots), pebernødder (peppernuts or spiced cookies), marzipan (almond fondant molded into the shapes of fruits, or animals), vanillekranse (vanilla wreaths), julekage (coffee cake) and kringle (a pastry with raisins and almonds). Stories National Anthem The national anthem was sung

in 1900 when Germany and Denmark
fough.Denmark won anyways white means peace and
red means freedom It's called kroner [cronr] Legends The End Socaroe a legendary dragon of the under world once a man went in a cave and never came back! since then no one went in their. ERER Welcome
to the fair 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
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