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Chaos Greek Mythology

No description

Ms. Reyes

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Chaos Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology
Goddess of ?
Chaos is the goddess of air .
Symbol of Chaos
The symbol of Chaos originates from Michael Moorcocks Eternal Champion stories,. In them the symbol of Chaos compries eight arrows in radial pattern. In constract, the symbol of law is a single upright arrow.
Family of Chaos

Symbol of Chaos
Chaos was the primal emptiness a dark, silent,formless, and infinite oddity with no trace of life.
Her name chaos literally means gap,the space between heaven and earth.
What chaos name means
Chaos was the mother or grandmother of the substances of air Nyx (Night) , Erebos (Darkness) , Aither (light) and Hemera (day) as well as the various emotion-affecting daimones which drifted through it.
Picture of : Chaos
Chaos Powers
Chaos Greek Mythology
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