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Prince2 - Flow diagram

Working development of Business Support Model

Spencer Clark

on 1 October 2010

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Transcript of Prince2 - Flow diagram

PRINCE2 Start Up (SU) Mandate from Corporate/Programme > Exec Role Description - Appoint Exec
PM Role Description - Appoint PM
PMT structure - Appoint PMT

Daily Log - Create/Update
Lesson Log - Create

Project Brief
- Outline Business Case* - Create
- Project Product Description* - Create
- Project Approach

Stage Plan (Initiation) - Create

* - developed further in 'IP' Initiate Project (IP) Risk Management Strategy - Create
- Risk Register

Configuration Management Strategy - Create
- Configuration Item Records
- Issue register

Quality Management Strategy - Create
- Quality Register

Communication Management Strategy - Create

Project Plan - Create
- Product Descriptions

Project Brief - Create
- Project definition & approach

Detailed Business Case, inc. Benefits Review Plan

Lessons Log
Stage Plan (next) - Create
Authorised to Initiate Project
by Board PID (Project Initiation Document) Authorised to Deliver Project
by Board Approaching SB >> Stage Boundary (SB) NEW

Stage Plan (or exception plan)
End Stage Report


Project Plan
Business Case
Risk Registers
Lessons Report
Next Stage or Close Project
by Board Project Board Authorise Stage (DP)

PM authorises Work Packages (WP) with Team Managers (MP - Managing Product Delivery)

Authorising a Work Package:

Stage Plan
- Product Description

PiD (part of)

Team Plan

Controlling a Stage (CS) Delivery of a Work Package(s) requires:

Stage Plan (updated)
- Product Description
Conf. Item Records (updated)
Quality Register (updated)
Risk Register (updated)
Issue Register (updated) DP > CS > WP MP 2) Accept WP TM Creates Team Plan 3) Execute 1) Authorise Review Stage Status Deliver WP (Update Stage Plan) SB CP Highlight report (time driven) DP (Ad-Hoc) Checkpoint/Qual Reg. Issue
Raised (Capture in Issue Log) Off Spec
Issue/Problem Examine Within
Tolerance Out of
Tolerance Corrective
Action WP MP WP Execute Accept Authorise Escalate
(Excep. Report) DP Board request Excep. Plan SB Excep.
Plan DP (Assessment) Next
Stage CP http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Risk_register http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Issue_log Process >>> Themes >>> Work
Packages >>> Business Case
Progress Desirable
Achievable Accountability
B.U.S. Products fit for purpose Where, How, By Whom,
When and How Much? Control uncertainty,
improve success of project Identify, assess & control
potential and approved changes to the baseline. Mechanisms to monitor & compare actual achievements;
forecast project objectives & the project's continued viability;
and control unacceptable deviations. Closing a Project (CP) 2 types of closure: planned or premature
part of final stage - not a stage of its own

Prepare planned or premature closure
Hand over products
Evaluate the project
Recommend project closure

Prepare Planned Closure:
- PiD (updated)
- Project Plan (updated)

Prepare Premature Closure:
- Issue register (updated)
- PiD (updated)
- Project Plan (updated)

Hand over Products
- End of project report
- Conf. Items Records
- Benefit Review Plan

Evaluate the project
- End project report
- Lessons report

Recommend Project Closure
- Issue register (close)
- Risk Register (close)
- Quality Register (close)
- Daily Log (close)
- Lessons Log (close)
> Closure recommendation

Up (SU) Initiate
Project (SU) Control
Stage (CS) Directing (DP) Managing (MP) Delivering (MPD) Close
Project (CP) or Stage
Boundary (SB) or Close
Project (CP) Control
Stage (CS) (CP) (Pre Project Work) Process and management of a project The 7 of PRINCE2 The PRINCE2 Journey..... During a Work Package there may be:
Requests for Change
Off Specifications
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