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Animal Crossing Games, Secrets, and more!

No description

MK Mario

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Animal Crossing Games, Secrets, and more!

Trusted LP channels and more
Thank you for reading my prezi and for examples, here are a few trusted LPers who did an Animal Crossing game.
Animal Crossing Games, Secrets, and more!
There are four Animal Crossing games.
Shops and Shop owners
There are quite a lot of shop owners in the game, here are the main ones;
-Tom Nook/ Nooklings
- Mable, Sable, and Label (Labelle)
-Leif (3DS)
- Dr. Shrunk/ Frillard (Frillard is only on Wii)
- Gracie
All of these characters have their own shop, so here's the story:
There are a lot of holidays in Animal Crossing! Maybe because there is a lot of ''Make ups". Anyway, here are a few holidays that didn't last or are not real.
What is Animal Crossing?
Imagine living on your own for the first time, Nobody telling you what to do, you choose all. Well, this opening cut-scene of the first game should help you understand!
This is the first game on the Nintendo Gamecube.
Animal Crossing Population Growing
Animal crossing Wild World
Animal Crossing City folk
Animal Crossing New Leaf
Animal Crossing Population Growing opening cut-scene
Sports fair
Yay Day
Fireworks Show
OST (Original SoundTrack)
Animal Crossing normally has really good music! LISTEN! But not all is good! Some of the ost in Animal Crossing New Leaf is terrible and sometimes actually ANNOYING! The game is good in about every way, that is except for the ost, like 7pm/am, T&T Emporium, and the tropical island daytime theme.

The best Animal Crossing game for the ost is 100% Animal Crossing Population Growing on the Nintendo Gamecube because the beat is great and I think it was well made. The music composer is Kazumi Totaka. His nickname is Totaka K.K. which is actually K.K. Slider's japanese name! Cool because in Animal Crossing games, K.K. Slider is the musician!
For more info, visit WWW. Nookipedia.com
Animal Crossing Population Growing
Animal Crossing Wild World;
- MadameWario
Animal crossing new leaf

Animal Crossing City Folk
Neighbors you might meet
Animal Crossing the movie
How can we be talking about Animal Crossing without mentioning the movie? Well, this is a japanese film, the movie was about a girl named Ai, she moved in to animal village. Her best friend soon moved out to go live her dream. Ai was very sad. She soon realized that if it was her best friend, she would have to live her dreams like she would. The characters movie are actual shop owners and neighbors in the games. Cool! Here they are:
Margie/ Sally
Rosie/ Bouquet
Alfonso/ Halberd
Whitney /Bianca
Hopper/ (name not mentioned in movie)
A good ost from the movie:
Make sure to pause the music before the next frame to avoid a sound glitch.
Wanna watch the movie? Search << Animal Crossing Movie English subtitles part ?/6
Rating of the movie :
(my opinion) 4 stars on 5 stars
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