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Knowledge Framework - The Arts

No description

Siri Nelson

on 8 May 2016

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Transcript of Knowledge Framework - The Arts

Types and Aims
Digital arts

Society's Influence and Importance
Social Function
- To express emotion
- Visualize thoughts
- Reflects societal issues/events
- Stress relief/Therapy
- Provide entertainment
Expression through Language
- Some language is needed to express certain art forms
- To help describe what we see to others, usually with other viewpoints

Differing language
- Some forms of art require language to create an impact
- Some forms need only the movement, form, or view of something completely silent

Central Conflicts
- Language arts requires specific language to approach that art
- Dance involves some terms needed to express the movement
- Visual art has techniques with specific names
The Golden Ratio
Knowledge Framework - The Arts
WOK involved with understanding the Arts
- Sometimes language
- Sensory perception
- Reason

WOK involved with creating the Arts
- Imagination
- Emotion
- Sense Perception
- Intuition

Perception and Role
As our worldviews change, so do our tastes in what we see is right and wrong, and as some things look or feel “right”, others change from pieces we would enjoy, into pieces that are unacceptable

How has the nature of art changed?
Mediums of creating arts have evolved from their original forms

Today's art vs Traditional art
- Broader, many more types interconnected and compared to each other
- Easily sharable to the world via the internet
- Different styles being created much faster
- Different styles usually with the collection/combination of other styles

Historical Development
To what extent are you involved in the arts
How has art shaped your perspective
Knowledge Questions
If art is supposed describe emotions and feelings in ways beyond words, why can't everyone understand it?

Is there anything in our knowledge that doesn't involve the arts?
Personal Knowledge
Scope and application
Concepts and Language
- The arts are influenced heavily on their societies
- Different fads and ways of expression emerge as society evolves

- Expression through movement
- Shows emotions and feeling in a visual way
A way of expressing thoughts or events on paper through different mediums
- New age form of painting/traditional art
- Using a computer instead of physical mediums
Digital Arts
Expresses through form and color, and is often used as decor and structurally on buildings
Using your voice to express your emotions and thoughts
- Tell stories
- Express thoughts in a visual way

- Using language to express thought
- Communicate ideas of culture and the world
-Aditory way of expressing thoughts and feelings
- Broad range of ways to express culture and events
-Expression through a physical medium that can be worn
- Usually to express personallity without needing words
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