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A Christmas Carol

No description

Josh Eddy

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of A Christmas Carol

Presentation Guidelines
Group Presentations
Group 1- Daily Life in Victorian England
What kind of social classes were there?

What kind of foods were there?

What kind of customs were there?

What kind of clothing was there?

What kind of games were there?

What kind of weapons were there?
Group 2- Science, Technology, and New Inventions


Charles Darwin

Group 3- England's Industrial Revolution
What was it?

When did it take place?

Where did it take place?

How did it take place?

Who did it affect?

Why did it take place?
Group 4- Famous Victorian Writers and Poets
Group 5- Health and Medicine in the Victorian Era
What were some diseases of the time?

Was the health of the people the same all over the place?

What breakthroughs were made?

What were some significant changes in health and medicine?
A Christmas Carol
Pre-Reading Victorian Era Activity
^5 Groups

^Research different aspects of the Victorian Era

^Present findings to guiding questions
class via Prezi

* Three Slides per Group Member

* Incorporate pictures or videos

* Group members will present own slides

* Include a “Sources” or “Works Cited” slide

* 6 X 6 Rule

* Visibly Aesthetic themes

Charles Dickens Oscar Wilde

Alfred Tennyson Bronte sisters

William Thackeray
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