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The Seattle Public Library - Digital Media

No description

Juan Rubio

on 14 May 2018

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Transcript of The Seattle Public Library - Digital Media

The Seattle Public Library

Digital Media and Learning
Systems Thinking
Design Thinking
Connected Learning
In their everyday
exchanges with peers
and friends, students are
contributing, sharing and
giving feedback in inclusive
social experiences that are
fluid and highly engaging
When a subject is
personally interesting
and relevant, learners
achieve higher-order
learning outcomes.
Academically Oriented
Learners flourish and
realize their potential
when they can connect
their interests and social
engagement to academic
studies, civic engagement,
and career opportunity.
Fostering Engagement
and Self-Expression
Increasing Accessibility
to Knowledge and
Learning Experiences
Expanding Social
Supports for Interests
Expanding Diversity
and Building Capacity
The Role of New Media
"Understand the world as a set of systems that are made of many components, each of which has a distinct behavior..."
no cause and effect
identify a system
identify a way a system works
distinguish the goal of a system
identify components
identify behaviors
identify interconnections
design systems
modeling systems
"creative process of design as an idea that is realized by iteratively imagining, creating, playing, sharing, and reflecting on the work." Resnick
The Seattle Public Library brings people, information and ideas together to enrich lives and build community.
Library programs and services support youth and families in academic success, career readiness, and life.

These programs and services emphasize equity, utilize community partnerships, center youth voices/interests/development, and support the following literacies:
• Digital literacy
• Information literacy
• Reading
• Social literacy (critical thinking, collaboration, initiative, leadership)
• STEAM literacy (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math)

Would you like to design your own mobile game? Come and join a design team to create a game others can play by walking around the neighborhood? In this 8-part class, create a game with other teens that anyone can play with a mobile phone or tablet while telling a story about your community.

Discover what’s in your neighborhood to create a fun mobile game. Learn what it takes to make a game from idea creation, to design, to programming it. After 8 weeks of fun and learning, invite your community to a launch party to show off the game you created.

Little Bits
Computational Concepts

 sequences • parallelism
• loops • events
• conditionals • operators
• data structures • variables

Computational Practices

being incremental
• reusing and remixing
• testing
• debugging

Computational Perspectives:
expressing • connecting • questioning
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