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No description

Norah Deming

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Color

Thank You!
The color of a room impacts the emotions or mood of anyone in it; therefore, considerable deliberation should be made as to which color to use when designing a public area to maximize the productivity and effectiveness of the space.
Pink In Jails
and Prisons
Neuroscience is useful when designing buildings because it can provide insight on what colors are appealing to people and what aren't.
Color consideration was beneficial to the atmosphere of the building.


In the Food Industry
~Room color has a big impact
~Color should be chosen with thought.
~Good color choice = <usefulness, productivity

In Conclusion:
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“Certain colors provoke strong feelings in people--blues and purples are more pleasant than yellows, for instance, while greens tend to be the most arousing."
(The Fascinating Neuroscience of Color.)
Neurology has been used a lot in order to understand how the brain processes color.
I love this green room!
Ugh. This yellow room brings me down.
Next Steps
Results of 56 middle school students that were asked whether or not they think their school should be repainted with colors that weren't white:
Thesis Statement
Interior Design
There was decreased aggression in inmates.
Definition:The art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building.
The interior design of a room
is based of many things:
Considering color in these situations allows for more money to be made.
Warmer colors have been put to use in restaurants.
It has proven to cause fast turnover
Why should designers of public areas put considerable thought into the color that is painted on the walls?
Essential Question
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