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Stellar Mass BlackHole

No description

kariann thornburg

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Stellar Mass BlackHole

The Characteristics Of The Black Hole
A Stellar Mass Black Hole event horizon is larger than any other black hole. It is called a Stellar Mass because its mass is larger than the sun. Its largeness makes it impossible to escape.
How Long The Black Hole Lives
The life spand of a Stellar Mass Black Hole expands each time one forms.
Fun Facts
In research it said that a Stellar Mass Black Hole is a black hole formed by the gravitation collapse of a massive star or solar masses at the end of its life time
Stellar Mass BlackHole
A Stellar Mass Black Hole can be found detected because of x-ray transiet to tell if a star has collapsed and what type of black hole has created.
Evidence Of If The Stellar Mass Black Hole Is Real
Where Its Located
A Stellar Mass Black Hole is located at the end or center of every galaxey.
How A Stellar Mass Black Hole Is Formed
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