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Japanese Movies

japanese movies

Ashlin Bourbeau

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of Japanese Movies

Japanese Movies
-Ashlin Bourbeau Horror! These movies are generally more scary than Western horror flicks because the Japanese focus more on psychological horror and their horrors are based on legends.
Most of the Japanese horro movies add suspense with music and odd sounds. (Kinda like The Grudge.) Some examples of horror movies made by
the Japanese are The Grudge series, The Ring series, One Missed Call, and Audition. Anime! Abbreviated pronounciation of "animation". Anime means "Japanese animation" Originated in about 1917. Hand-drawn anime and computer animations exist in Japan. Anime is used and watched on T.V, computers, the internet, videos, dvds, books, and magazines. There are many different drawing styles used
for drawing and making anime. Sailormoon is a
good example.
Other popular anime is Castle In The Sky,
Spirited Away, Death Note, and Naruto. Action! Tokusatsu is a term that
translates into "special effects."
It is often used in many Japanese
action flicks.
Like western action films, the
Japanese have superheros and Godzilla
is a great example of a popular Japanese
action film.
In 1957 the first masked superhero film
came out along with Astro Boy following
soon after.
Other examples of Japanese action movies is
The Return of Godzilla, Ultra Q, and Yokai
Gendai-geki! Gendai-geki are contemporary dramas
based on the more contemporary lifestyle. They first came out in 1868. THE END
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