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Aztec Ball Game

Ancient Games

Brian Nguyen

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Aztec Ball Game

an ancient game Aztec Ball Game Origins The Aztec ballgame originated from the Olmec civilization somewhere around 1,400 B.C. The Aztec's revised the Olmec version of the ballgame. How did we know it existed? We know the Aztec ball-game existed by evidence from sites where early ballcourts, balls, or figurines have been recovered Playing board and pieces The Aztec ball-game had 4 main items:
a field, a hoop, a rubber ball, and deerskin guards. Players The game consisted of around 2 teams
with around 4 players each. Rules The ball is never allowed to touch the ground. Players couldn't hold or even touch the ball with their hands - only the elbows, knees, hips and head were used. The player must also try to get the ball across the line. How to play The object of the game is to the ball into
the stone hoop, however this was very difficult and if it happened the game would be over. Players could also hit one of the six markers along the sides of the court. Or, they would be given points for other skillful plays. How long is a game? There is no time limit for a game, so a game
could last anywhere from an hour, to multiple hours depending on the skill of the players. Names and related games The Aztec version of the ballgame is called ōllamalitzli, and means "to play ball". The Mayans and Olmecs also had their own earlier versions of the ball-game. presentation by the almighty holy emperor Brian Nguyen
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