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Seeking advice for Equality and Diversity

No description

doreen clark

on 15 January 2016

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Transcript of Seeking advice for Equality and Diversity

Seeking advice for Equality and Diversity
As part of your ongoing personal and professional development you should always be willing to improve your practice by seeking further information and support from a variety of sources.
No one will expect you to know and understand everything and you may come across situations that you find difficult or challenging.
It is your responsibility to seek advice and support from your tutor or line manager, and to use your experience as a valuable learning opportunity
When might you need to seek advice and support?
Think about situations that you may come across that would require you to seek advice and support.
Do you know where to seek advice about Equality, Diversity, Discrimination and Inclusion?
Is it important or do you know all you need to know about EDDI?
Other sources of support
Who would you go to for advice and support within your setting?
Doreen Clark
Seeking advice
in your groups produce a spider graph
What sort of advice could they give you?
What makes them qualified to give you advice and support on ED?

Have you ever sought advice and support from them?
Your task-
You will be visiting the Learning Resource Centre to find different sources of information about ED and identify the advice and support they can provide you with.

internet source
Childcare book
Law and legislation

Complete the worksheet
How will the information you have gathered help you to support the children within your setting?
How does the information support you to ensure children are safeguarded?
How will the information you have gathered support your personal and professional development and practice?
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