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Carrefour Financial Analysis

No description

Mohammed Ali

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Carrefour Financial Analysis

General Facts Founded: 1958
Employees: 412,464
Revenue (2011) €81.271 billion
Profit €371 million
Assets €47.93 billion
Equity €7.627 billion
Listed in Euronext (CA) Carrefour: A Global Outlook Carrefour's Global Locations Key facts: Key Financial Data Sales - By Region (2011) Key Financial Data Consolidated Financial Statement Key Financial Data Consolidated statement on Financial Position Financial Analysis Carrefour French multinational retailer headquartered in Boulogne Bilancourt, in Greater Paris, France. One of the LARGEST hypermarket chains in the world with 1,395. Third largest in profit after Wal-Mart (United States) and Tesco PLC (United Kingdom) The second largest retail group in the world in terms of revenue. LATIN AMERICA FRANCE EUROPE MIDDLE EAST
& ASIA Financial Analysis of Data (The Good Bit) Calculation of Trends Financial Analysis of Data: 2009-10 - decreased considerably (by just over 5%)
solely attributable to the lack of sales in Europe (Carrefour’s second biggest “market” after France
growth in the emerging markets, distinctly narrowing. Financial Analysis of Data (The Good Bit) Financial Analysis of Data: 2010-11 Calculation of Trends Even though affected by the challenging economic environment in mature markets especially in southern Europe, the performance of 2011 still has 0,94% growth
Gross margin is -0,11% while net sales increase in 2011 === Net earnings in 2011 decreased by 14,32% Thank you for listening Presented by: Gabriela Liñán Haoxin Dai Cristina De la Colina Mohammed Ali Conclusion - 2010 decrease of sales: Contraction in other earning indicators as a knock-on effect.
-2011 growth in sales is due to the emerging markets of South America that contribute greatly to the net sales.
-Net earnings in 2011 decreased by 14,32% but it’s due to the extraordinary performance in 2010 which increased by 56,88%
-The result of Carrefour from 2009 to 2011 remains steady.
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